Friday, 11 June 2010

emotional manipulation

I have just sunk to possibly a new low, an unimagined and unsuspected moment of patheticness: I have just teared up in a Shakira video. Feel free to cancel me from your list of acquaintances, blogs you read, close family members etc.

In mitigation, it wasn't at all Shakira-related, but instead the opening clip of the World Cup song, which shows Grosso taking his penalty. I hate penalties, always have done, transfixed by that can't-watch-must-watch agony, peering through my fingers like a kid watching a horror film.

Actually just seeing the patented and unmistakeable pre-penalty shorts-hitching manouvre of Fabien Barthez gives me a head-rush of nostalgia. Of course we'd seen it in plenty of other contexts, but now for me it means that penalty shoot-out and no other. You know I hate penalties, right? Did I say that yet? Standing in the Circo Massimo on 9 July 2006 I cried when Grosso scored that final penalty (just, like, a few discreet tears, not big snotty sobbing or anything - I'm not a total freak) and this footage / memory apparently retains some kind of embarrassing emotional hold which Shakira can now wheel out 4 years later in a weird corporate-sponsored FIFA video.

This is what football reduces me too.


Dual said...

Gira e rigira ed eccomi qui. Ti auguro una buona serata.

coffees1stluv said...

I love soccer , played in high school and cannot wait for collective America to see the enormous beauty of the sport, and hell sometimes you gotta cry even if it is shakira lol

roswitha said...

For me that moment is always Pirlo's pass for Grosso's first goal in the semi-final -- strange but true. It all became so possible, so worth it in that moment, that it made me cry when I saw it again after ages, too.

Aussie Romanista said...

No pathetic at all, princess. I cried like a baby (with happiness, relief, joy) after the semi final and as soon as Grosso's penalty hit the back of the net.