Sunday, 14 February 2010

Il Corpo delle Donne

So this week at work we had a film screening & discussion evening based around a short documentary produced last year called Il Corpo delle Donne - Women's bodies. It is a very personal examination of the way contemporary Italian TV depicts women. The film-makers chose to focus only on entertainment shows rather than drama/soaps, news or criticism, all of which might have been equally worth of attention, but which probably fill less time than the endless entertainment shows. I REALLY REALLY urge you to go & watch this film: it is only about 25 minutes long and I think it is very powerful and important.

Contrary to what some people appear to believe I am no ranting feminist, and indeed am very frequently a severe disappointment to more feminist friends and colleagues. But this film had a really extraordinary effect on me. By the end - and the end is particularly shocking - I felt literally nauseous with rage, a kind of boiling sickness in my stomach.

The film-makers are taking this documentary around the country and organising what I suppose are kind of 'media literacy' classes for high school students, encouraging them to challenge what they see and unpick the implications. The director recounted some very interesting reactions from 17-18 old students, both male & female, which were at least encouraging. I don't want to post up all our discussion though before you see the film. Come and leave me a comment after you've watched it if you like.

original version:

with English subtitles:


bernardlion said...

You finally watched it then? About bloody time too!

bernardlion said...

Sorry, that was really shirty of me! I'd delete if I could but I can't...

Anyway, I second Spangly's urging: anyone living in Italy or with the slightest interest in Italian life really should watch Il Corpo delle Donne.

Spangly Princess said...

haha I had a feeling it was the same thing you sent me ages ago but I couldn't find the email so I wasn't sure

Martinus Scriblerus said...

I won't be able to watch for a few days but will on return


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Aussie Romanista said...

I watched it. Sums up what I've always thought of Italian television, especially variety shows. It's a load of crap.
It's full of disgusting old men like Pippo Baudo who should be rotting 6 feet under already he is so old, combined with pretty 20somethings. But the thing that makes it worse is that Italian viewers eat this shit up, and for breakfast! Because morning television is loaded with it. Says a lot about Italian society in general.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Italian, but I spent 6 months living in Italy and I remember at the time being totally disgusted at how women were portrayed on TV there. I'm glad to see someone started to campaign against it - thanks Ms Zanardo.