Monday, 8 February 2010

day in the life of

someone asked me recently what I actually do. I do this:

07:45 alarm.
07:50 alarm. decide to ignore monday.
08:00 haul self out of bed. shower, dress, tea, blow-dry hair, do makeup, choose hat.
09:10 grab bag of books, papers, dvds assembled night before, stagger downstairs to bus-stop.bus then tram then walk to work.
09:45 arrive in office. print off lecture notes for classes 1 & 2. print off class handouts, readings, primary sources etc for classes 1& 2, make 27 & 16 copies of them all respectively. check through notes, flick through class textbook, refresh memory.
10:20 rush downstairs with piles of papers, dash across road to bar, scoff cappuccino & cornetto (breakfast! woo!)
10:30 class; discuss relationship between statism, totalitarianism & dictatorship.
11:45 class ends. go to office, find remote controls for projector, dvd player etc, do battle with forces of technology, prepare dvd
12:00 class; background to French Algeria; discuss 3 scenes from film Days of Glory (Les Indigenes)
13:15 class ends. drop dvd in library so students can watch the rest later (ha!), drop papers back in office
13:30 lunch! grab Corriere dello Sport, shovel pasta e fagioli down face while reading match-reports, interviews & pointless speculation about Fiorentina- Roma. Coffee at bar, ask faux-sympathetic questions about life in Serie B to Laziale barman.
14:15 back at desk. Finish preparing for class 3, print notes, print & photocopy handouts, prepare assignment instructions, print &c, prepare readings on Defense of Realm Act 1914, print &c.
15:30 meet students to discuss future class presentation
15:45 class - mobilization, cultural & social responses to war, preprepared powerpoint presentation etc
17:00 class ends. go to library, make arrangements to leave personal copy of King Albert's Book (1914) & other original publications on reserve, discuss logistics with librarian.
17:15 print off 3 journal articles to prepare for advanced honours tutorial. repair to bar, order large tea & banana/choc-chip muffin. Make way through articles, annotate, prepare tutorial.
18:45 advanced honours tutorial. students enthusiastic & well-prepared. feel disconcerted and mildly confused. students discuss historiographical debates, critique arguments, offer original ideas. feel faint, disorientated. enjoy self.
20:00 tutorial ends. go back upstairs to office, file away papers, reluctantly fire up computer. answer student emails. receive bizarre academic spam from vanity publisher. research, prepare & email presentation instructions / reading list to students.
21:10 realise time, reel in horror, call CB and leave building. walk, tram, bus.
21:45 home. stumble up stairs. jab key in lock. fail to open door. stare dumbly. realise lock belongs to someone else's door. trudge up more stairs to correct door. fall over cunning auto-deathtrap in form of home-made draught excluder.

total contact hours: 5. total working hours: c. 10.5 loss of brain function: total

Sensation on discovering delicious risotto mid-way through cooking on stove: rapture.

now: sofa. maybe Angel.


Martinus Scriblerus said...

Jesus, that's a fucking terrible day. Let's all take a moment to say a big woo for the life of the mind. Woo. Also, woo.

Martinus Scriblerus said...
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Aussie Romanista said...

Ultan said...

Days of Glory was RUBBISH.

Terry said...

Dinner on the table is it? Or you'll beat me with a frying pan and tell me that I made you do it? That's fucking feminism for you.