Friday, 8 January 2010

SpanglyPrincess 3 - 2 Festive Season

been here, as you may have guessed:

great pic, less good for travel arrangements. Also not so good for health and safety.

Holiday got off to a lovely start with the far-flung Spangly family reunited in Nottingham for an early Christmas with a great deal of eating, followed by a big night out in London with loads of old friends, and a great deal of drinking. The spirit of Christmas then brutally reneged on us in an unpleasant way: the PrincessSpanglyMother slipped on ice in Russell Square and broke her arm. We took her to University College Hospital, which was great under the cricumstances, but not how she (or we!) had wanted to spend her day. She has had to be wired back together and is currently floating in a codeine haze and learning to type with her left hand. Get well soon.

Christmas itself and New Year were both lots of fun, along with a little shopping, a night out in town to see a comedian, drinks with an ex and some very good food. Less successfully, I couldn't get anything done in the British Library because I had no proof of address with me and my old card had run out. Nor could I find ANY of the books I currently need in any of the half a dozen book shops I tried. But Chelsea Boy & I went down to Somerset to visit a very close and dear friend who still lives in the place where I grew up, which was lovely. We got trapped there by snow & ice, which was less lovely.

Other lovely things from the last 3 weeks: the British Museum, roast beef, a Diptyque Tuberose candle, Chelsea-Fulham, Thai hot & sour soup, a cashmere cardi & top, walking on the beach at Burnham on Sea with two huge dogs, new embroidered silk satin dressing gown, England beating South Africa, Assassin's Creed II for the Xbox. Sleep. Wine. An imperial purple mock-croc patent handbag.

Travel in the last 48 hours (Street-Oxshott, Oxshott-Rome) has been not awful but along way from great too. We have also suffered sundry losses, inefficiencies, wasted tickets, unexpected expenses &c. Hence I think that on balance we can set it down as a hard-fought win. 3-2. Nice to be home.


Martinus Scriblerus said...

Glad that you got home ok in the end - sorry about the tremendous ballache involved in doing so, though.

Terry said...

I'd just like to point out that I'm not from Oxshott, ok?

Martinus Scriblerus said...

It's ok, we won't judge you.