Sunday, 17 January 2010

Roma 3 - 0 Genoa

Well I'll be damned, we've only gone and bought a centre forward. The big, lumbering, scores lots of headers, holds up the ball, lump it up the field & smash it, attacks the ball from a corner kind of centre forward. The kind that I've bemoaned the lack of for ooh, at least the last two years. Luca Toni, prize-winning carthorse, precisely the man for the job. Welcome. And what a nice way to get off the mark - two solid goals (which enabled us to overlook the missed sitters earlier).

Genoa were shocking, mind. Apart from a 10 minute spell after the break they offered nothing, really. But we looked solid and committed, we created lots of chances, everyone played well and that was without De Rossi or Totti, which is good news. Crowd less whiny too (if disappointingly small).

Term starts tomorrow so I'm off to watch Domenica Sportiva and have an early(ish) night.


Steve Mace said...

Toni is definitely going to bring some qualities to the table that Roma lacked, although at the highest level I've always thought he misses far too many opportunities. Overall, I think it's a good signing and a player that the likes of Vucinic can work off. Maybe even Menez will start performing.

Juventino said...

Bring it on, SP.

...we're farked!