Monday, 7 December 2009

Roma 1 -0 Lazio

I am not sure I am really capable of writing nice prose tonight, but wanted to put something up while the soup finishes cooking (late supper). A truly dreadful game of football but it's the win that matters. In fact, it was a pisspoor performance in which Lazio had bossed the midfield and we looked totally lacking in ideas and movement for 80 of the 90 minutes. But you know what? that's fine. It might even be better. Make them suffer more.

More commentworthy than the actual game was the fact we did a coreografia beforehand for the first time in at least 18 months, maybe more like 2 years. will put up a foto in the morning. after about 14 minutes the game was briefly suspended after scuffles broke out in the tribuna tevere (pre-arranged between some extreme right groups who met up in a bar in Prati on Friday to make an appointment for tonight, I hear from within Lazio circles). We scored in the 77th minute (Cassetti, number 77) a spwany goal somehow bundled in after a good ball in from Vucinic. We all celebrated like we'd won something and a man behind me appeared to break his leg (he managed to recover enough to watch the rest of the game - pure adrenaline though, I think).

pics tomorrow. hfd.

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Aussie Romanista said...

Excellent effort by Cassetti to win the ball at right back to start the move for the goal, carry it forward and continue his run to finish Vucinic's cross. Nice work.
Julio Cesar's save when he was still on the ground, Riise's volley, and apart from those I can't remember anything about the game. Oh yeah... that Menez and Pizarro (especially the latter who should be sacked) are pethetic hacks.

"We all celebrated like we'd won something"... that's nice if you're a fan and I would too had I been there, and it's good to win a derby, but do the players really need to go so overboard with the on-field celebrating (and in the change rooms according to Perrotta) after beating a less than average Lazio side that's 1 point above the relegation zone and won only 2 of 15 matches? They really need to get their shit together and calm down. Beating them should be expected, no big deal, derby or not. Bigger fish to fry, set the bar higher and all that. Speaks volumes for the mentality of the club and fans IMHO.

Do I have a point SP, or have I in fact missed it?