Monday, 21 December 2009

in praise of.... me!

This morning I received an email which is so touching and which made me so happy that I thought I would like to share it with you.

I love teaching, for all that I moan about it sometimes. I am very lucky to have a job that I really enjoy, but this last few weeks of the semester I was so stressed and busy that it's very easy to forget that I do actually want to be doing this. I had started to reminisce fondly about things I have done in the past like being a librarian, or a make-up counter girl, or selling gifts and cards and second-hand books, or being a home-care assistant for disabled children (actually that was incredibly hard work and I don't really miss it).

But then something happens to make you remember that it is all worthwhile after all:

Dear Dr. [SpanglyPrincess],

I'm sorry that I was not able to do this more formally, however I would like to extend my deepest thanks to you for all of your hard work, compassion and the way in which you have educated me this semester. Studying abroad in Rome has been one of the most paramount and meaningful experiences of my life. Your limitless dedication has been one of the determining factors in enriching my total experience abroad. I wrote this on my evaluation, but I wanted to reiterate how much I feel that I have learned from you this semester. You are easily the most knowledgeable professor I had in Rome, and one of the most knowledgeable I have encountered in my college experience thus far. Your knowledge is contagious. I came away from your class feeling empowered and intelligent and I simply cannot thank you enough. I wish you all the best and hope our paths will cross in the future. May you have the merriest of holiday seasons!

I don't do this very often, I think, since I usually tend more towards self-deprecation. But this has made me extremely happy and so I thought I would post it here and let you share in my moment of pleased-with-self-ness. Normal service will be resumed shortly.


Martha said...

That's really lovely, Spangles, congratulations. As a former teacher, I can keenly understand how wonderful and uplifting it can be to get that sort of reaction to all the work you put in, and you've every right to shout about it to the rooftops! (Or, alternately, post it on your blog.)

ginkers said...

Well done. Believe me, praise is just as hard to come by in the world of journalism. And just as much to be cherished!

bernardlion said...

Wot Martha said. Well done Spangles. :-)

Martinus Scriblerus said...

Congratulations. Students are so self-obsessed that when they give you praise, they must really mean it. I'm so pleased for you, but not really very surprised.