Monday, 7 December 2009

derby part II

best Roma striscione of the night:

STATE FERMO CHE VE CONTAMO... [stand still so we can count you]

followed shortly by:

AOH! SETE MENO DEI BARESI! [there's fewer of you than of the Bari fans]

I never had the time to write about the extraordinary following that Bari brought a couple of weeks ago - somewhere between 10,000 & 12,000 mentalists:

But back to the derby. As usual there was a lot of attention to Lazio's 11 years in Serie B, and the suggestion that they might soon by enjoying a 12th:

[against Influenza A (swine flu') try vitamin B-12]

[carry on like this your next derby will be with Frosinone - both a reference to joining Frosinone in Serie B and their supposedly country origins - though in fact there's a possibility Frosinone could pass them in the other direction, which would be beyond hilarious however unlikely]
The pre-match coreografia was well done too. First the difficult effort to get everyone to shut up & pay attention, so that we could do this:

(This is the Curva you [the authorities] would like - ie sitting down in silence)

followed by a coloured card display involving not only the central section of the curva but also the distinti, and a huge central banner which was bizarrely self-referential - a picture of the Sud itself, complete with some recognisable banners which are in there every week:

and then after the full coreografia:


lovely stuff. the Sud was in much better form than it has been for ages, and victory temporarily erases the memory of how godawful most of the performance was. Still, as AussieRomanista comments, it's a sign of how reduced our horizons have become this season that this was such a big deal for the players. De Rossi was like a man possessed after the final whistle, though I can understand that from him and other born romanisti. As for the others, I can only presume that relief was a predominant emotion: after the amount of shit the team has been getting this season a loss in the derby would have been intolerable and undone the good work of the last few weeks' efforts at recovery. I think that sadly given our financial position and the situation with the current owners it may be some time before winning the derby ceases to be one of the season's big goals, alas.


svesten said...

thank you for the wonderful blog.
Id appreciate if you translate all the banners (like that in 4th picture). Keep the good job writing about what happens in Roma stands.

Wish you all the best !

Spangly Princess said...

thanks Svesten glad you like it!

the fourth banner (Questa รจ la Curva Sud) simply says "This is the Curva Sud" - the real Roma curva in contrast to "the curva the authorities would like"

svesten said...

Thanks for the reply .

ps. Why there isnt a post in your blog about Roma - CSKA Sofia.
The best foreign support for this year on Olimpico . Rated 8/10 in

anyway as i told you , quite interesting blog !


Spangly Princess said...

becasue sadly I had to work that night and couldn't get to the game - unfortunately work sometimes gets in the way of more important things like football! also I don't always have the time to write up every single game, much as I would like to. so my coverage is not always complete.

Aussie Romanista said...

Just read this. I'm famous!
Great pic of the Bari fans at the Olimpico.

MJ said...

Hi i'm new, do you live in rome? princess? so are u female? If you are you most be one of those beautiful bambina's i see in the stands at the olimpico, lol. Great comments i like the translation of the curva.

Anonymous said...

Ha, beautiful yes; bambina, don't you dare.