Sunday, 8 November 2009

Roma 2 - 1 Fulham

when we went 1-0 down I really did think oh no not again, there was a terrible inevitability about it. I just sat there thinking oh my god we're going to lose to fulham at home. I have a friend who is a huge fulham fan so I was pleased for him with at least, ohhh let's say 0.0000000002% of my brain. Then some sendings off, some effort on the part of our players to remember they're actually quite talented, and suddenly we had scored two goals and it was all good. For values of all which mean a tiny bit.

Still at least our support was better and the booing was replaced by a determined singing. progress perhaps. and we can still go through, it's in our own hands (ha!)

On Friday I went out with the Fulham guys, we went to a bar which serves micro-brewery beers coming in a a minimum of 6.5%. They were thirsty. This entirely wiped out my Saturday, I am badly out of practice at drinking with Englishmen. Even CB cooking me poached eggs wasn't enough to revive me. All my weekend plans were entirely fucked by this, I haven't felt so terribly ill for a long time.

I am trying to write a research proposal so that's your lot. We're away at Inter tonight, kick off in 20 minutes or so. I might eat some soup and try to prepare for tomorrow's class.

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ginkers said...

Good result against Fulham and decent display against Inter. Still don't think Ranieri is the answer but at least the scores have improved a bit.