Sunday, 1 November 2009

Roma 2 - 1 Bologna

things you've never seen and don't want to: a crowd booing its own team's equaliser.

That's how bad the situation has got at Roma after yet another league defeat last Wednesday (away at Udinese). The booing against Livorno was pretty comprehensive, today was even worse. Through the week there have been protests of all kinds at the training ground an en route to the game today so its not surprising that things were worse than ever today.

Interrupting the protests against the club and the players came a much more serious issue, for once. We started with a 5 minute silence and banner for Stefano Cucchi, the 31-year-old who died mysteriously while in police custody here in Rome this week. Apparently epileptic, Cucchi was arrested for possession and held in custody for over a week while his family were not permitted to see him; his body exhibits highly suspicious signs of a beating (there is a horrible picture released by his family). The official story is that he fell down the stairs. The minister for the interior, despite 'knowing nothing at all as yet' confirms his absolute confidence that 'the carabinieri have operated correctly'.

It seems trivial and unpleasant to follow this story by talking about the football, I can only apologise. After the 5 minutes silence followed chanting against the police, unsurprisingly, and against Rosella Sensi. I don't think the Curva blames her for beating an epilectic to death but pretty much every else goes to her discredit, apparently. As for the game, with a sense of weary inevitability we went 1-0 down; somehow, against the script, we then equalised... through Vucinic of all people. This may partly explain the virulent cauldron of whistling hostility which greeted the goal. The second was scored by Perrotta, who was booed almost as vigorously throughout the game (with some justification) but at least people didn't actively boo the second goal. We still played like shit.

A thoroughly depressing afternoon. 27,000 sad fucks having a miserable old time, and I include all 22 players on the pitch, the staff, managers, directors, owners and even the away fans given the state of Bologan right now. You know, if it's not fun at some level, che cazzo stiamo a fa'?


Aussie Romanista said...

only 27,000. embarassing.

Martinus Scriblerus said...

Sorry to hear it. Sounds rubbish.

Terry said...

As many as 27,000? Righto.