Tuesday, 20 October 2009

strange referrals #389 in an occasional series

most people come to my blog on purpose, that is already knowing me. others find me through google searches ranging from the logical (roma, caporetto, coffee and walnut cake) to the rather more surprising: each week a steady flow of visitors arrive who have searched for 'Irriducibili Lazio clothing'. I can only surmise that they must be very disappointed, and I can assure them that the feeling is mutual, since I don't imagine they are going to be particularly interested in my site or will choose to hang around for very long.

but a big belated hello to whoever distinguished themselves this week by arriving here via a search for 'brothels firenze'. The inexorable logic of google rankings, as promoted by certain newspapers at the expense of journalistic values (yes, daily telegraph, I'm looking at you) would now suggest that I talk lots about brothels to boost my rating. I feel stragely unqualified in this department, though regular readers might quibble that this doesn't stop me from writing about anything else.

In fact I have been asked for brothel recommendations before, in person. When I was a student I worked as a cleaner/chambermaid in the holidays to supplement my grant, scrubbing bathrooms and changing beds for conference delegates staying in Oxford over the summer. A number of oddities were thus revealed: the fat man who ate apples on the toilet, leaving the core carefully positioned on the cistern; the propensity of certain Japanese guests to boil up noodles inside their kettles, not a habit conducive to happy cleaning staff; the woman who expected us to clean her room while she drifted around it in the nude. Most disconcerting to me though was a request from a nattily attired middle aged man (an OPEC delegate) for a list of recommendations of Oxford's top brothels. I disappointed him, as I must have disappointed the seeker of entertainment in Florence, with my entire inability to make any suggestions - ignorant as I was (and remain) of *any* of the city's brothels, let alone the 'smart, classy' establishments he specifically requested. Heaven forbid that I should recommend a downmarket brothel to the man whose shower I was scrubbing.

On balance I think the aspiring purchasers of Irriducibili tshirts are more welcome. Just about.

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Martinus Scriblerus said...

By the way, you haven't lost it. {as in, you've still got it.}