Thursday, 22 October 2009

Norwegian Derby!

Big Riise vs Little Riise! That's what it's all about apparently. Tonight Jonn-eh, luminous haired fan favourite, will be going head to head with younger brother Bjørn Helge, who plays on the right wing for Fulham and will thus be attempting to wizz down the line while Jonn-eh kicks lumps out of him.

Touchingly, in an interview for the Fulham website Bjørn Helge credits John Arne (do they really use their middle names like this, as though they were Spanish?) for his pace and acceleration:

"I hit him and then tried to run, because he was always a lot bigger than me. I ran as fast as I could to get home to my mum because I knew then he couldn't touch me. But almost every time he would catch me on the stairs or by the door and would give me a thump but I still think it helped me develop my pace.”

Other useless Riise information acquired in the last 24 hours: there is apparently a statue of J. A. outside the stadium in his hometown, and his sister is also a top footballer.

Good times. I really REALLY wish I was in London but instead will be spending the afternoon supervising mid-terms and trying to mark 22 exam papers and 31 essays. Apparently the UEFA Cup Europa League is on Rete4 which we for some reason don't seem to have on our new superlarge telly so we will have to try to tune it in somehow. Or go to the Brazilian bar round the corner, perhaps.

I like Fulham and the Fulham fans that I know so I hope they have a nice evening and lose only narrowly in an exciting game of attacking football.

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