Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Last night I dreamt that I found a new Georgette Heyer novel. It was published by Arrow, in a late-90s two-book paperback volume with, I think, April Lady. Un-Heyerishly, it was called The Cut. The text of April Lady was also a little different in this edition, and an introduction explained that they had found new manuscripts.

I triumphantly took the volume to show CB. "Do you know, I have repeatedly dreamt of finding a previously unread Georgette Heyer novel" I said to him, in my dream. "In fact my mother has also had this same dream. It's probably the only dream we have both had... having the same dreams as people is weird, really," said I, accurately as it happens. I remembered those other dreams, and particularly one where I had even dreamt about the plot (as opposed to merely the edition, in a bizarrely bibliophilic rather than text-orientated change of focus).

I woke feeling first thrilled and then bereft, and I know that it will happen again.


Martinus Scriblerus said...

You tremendous and marvellous dork. I like the title of the new Heyer - it implies a Heyer/Glaswegian-thriller crossover.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Yay. Joyous dreams.