Monday, 26 October 2009

Fulham 1 - 1 Roma; Roma 0 - 1 Livorno

neither of these results have inspired me to write much. or indeed anything at all.

Totti has been out for nearly a month, since injuring himself scoring against Napoli, and he was supposedly aiming to come back for Bologna on Sunday. Late this afternoon news has emerged that he is about to be operated on ... again... on his knee. Mah. He might be back by December but it's optimistic.

Frankly though the absence of Totti is no excuse. Sure, it'll always be harder without him. But does that explain why Perrotta and Taddei look as though they've lost the will to live, why Menez was asked to miss take a penalty, or why Daniele De Rossi is more interested in mentally evaluating which Premiership club he's going to move to in January than in making a single useful pass in the entire 90 minutes. De Rossi, ffs. The papers have politely described it as a 'periodo grigio' - a grey period - but it's more like dark matter than grey. Vucinic looks like a starving poet who's been forced by a capricious patron to put on a football shirt and run around aimlessly for the amusement of the public in the hope of being rewarded with a publishing deal for his tragic epic "The Lost Man of Montenegro", written entirely in terza rima.

losing at home to bottom of the league Livorno, to give them their first win of the season, is a new low. credit to Fulham who deserved their draw though.


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ginkers said...

There is a malaise there which Claudio Ranieri was never going to cure. It seems clear that Roma have become a selling club which does not really give the building blocks for future confidence.

I still think De Rossi is outstanding but until the Giallorossi are on a better financial footing I struggle to see them being the force they once were.