Wednesday, 30 September 2009

new stadium project

Seeing is believing, they say, but I'm not sure that having seen I quite believe just yet. Still, if & when something vaguely like this should come to pass it would be great. Mostly.

Roma have been talking about building our own dedicated stadium for years, in a rather vague way. It would massively boost our income, is the main argument, but there are more emotive reasons too. Finally a concrete proposal has been made - for a site way out west on the via Aurelia, which is a bit odd, and I've not yet seen an explanation of how the public transport access might work. It would have a 55,000 capacity, extendable to 60,000, on two levels, and much closer to the pitch. It has solar panels & is designed with an eye to environmental impact, which is good. It is a bog-standard characterless out of town bowl à la Reebok Stadium, which is bad. There is a substantial corporate hospitality element which is, I guess, a distasteful necessity in our economic situation. Much remains to be seen... where is the money coming from? and above all the curva: could it ever be anything like the same? how will it work?

So I am reserving all judgement and not getting excited since who knows if it will even happen.

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Martinus Scriblerus said...

I couldn't make it through the video, I'm afraid. I thought (naively) that football fans were sort of conservative (small c, small c) about their venues, because the cultural heritage of each club is so ingrained in the grounds that they have always played in - hence AFC Wimbledon?