Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I was going to call this post Neglect but apparently I have used that title already

Dear long-abandoned readers, I am not, in fact, dead. As you may have been suspecting. I have just been afflicted with a serious case of real life which has brutally come between me and the computer. I have moved house, and had that strange and long-forgotten thing, a holiday. Soon I hope to be back in the saddle (NB I do not sit on a horse to blog, though it might be interesting).

Actually a break has been rather good for me: a break from the computer, a break from blogging, and even a break from thinking about football at all. Chelsea Boy points out that you will all have left me in my absence, and having been pretty much incomunicado since late June this may be the case. On the other hand, you should be used to it by now.

News & comment in brief:

  • CB & I have moved into a new flat all of our own. Well, rented, so not our very own. But just the two of us, not shared. What we lose in relentlessly carnivorous Slovakian flatmates we gain in having an actual living room. With a sofa. CB may never prise himself from it again.
  • I have bought a lovely new sewing machine (a Singer 7463, for those who are interested. I think that's at least 1 of you).
  • The sofa is disgusting. I shall be making loose covers for it.
  • Ibra for Eto'o + over €45 mill is the bargain of the century, Inter must be laughing all the way to the bank.
  • I have had a paper accepted at a conference for Italianists... this is alarming since normally I only talk to First World War historians. Italian historians may laugh at me and poke me with big sticks. Time will tell.
  • Holidays, of the kind where you actually rest and relax, are ace. There is a social imperative for intellectual middle-class types to spend holiday time ceaselessly "doing" museums, galleries, views, churches, ruins, exhibitions, temples, cathedrals, historic washhouses &c in order not to "waste" precious holiday time. Strangely it seems that lying on the beach in a place you have been 83 times before with a succession of paperback books is more restful, recuperative and de-stressing. Who would have thought it.
that's all for now. Soon I hope to be back to a more regular posting schedule


Juventino said...

Hi SP.
Good to see an update and that you're well.

Melbourne said...

We've read all the reports and seen vision of the man but can you tell us how the tifosi romanisti are really feeling with the departure of Aquilani?

I'm gutted.

ginkers said...

Glad to hear you are still alive! Great result for the Giallorossi last night...

Aussie Romanista said...

Another vergognoso transfer of an Italian player.
The place has gone to the dogs!

Reed said...

Congrats on the new place.

Anonymous said...

A 7463 eh?? I know nawthing about them but i will duly google it and post my appraisal. I, of course, have had a singer and it was wonderful.....happy sewing. I am so pleased to have passed this brilliant occupation on to you darling. I do feel that I have a part in this. Saw your Mum and Pats 2 weeks ago and it was brill.
Philly xxxxx

Telford Mike said...

Any chance you can give CB a kick aswell? I've missed the Lodigiani updates! :)

sin ong said...

Hi Princess,

Hope that you are all good now. Looking forward for the next posts.

Ricky from How to train a Puppy