Thursday, 4 June 2009

Speckled Jim!

I have to go away for the weekend and there is no time for me to write up the post I had planned this evening. Instead I offer you a lovely picture of cutting edge Italian military communications technology, c. 1916:

Thousands of these mobile dovecotes were in use at army, corps, divisional & brigade levels.

In fact, shooting of [delicious plump breasted] pigeons anywhere in the Veneto became a military offence throughout the war (though not, perhaps, a capital one...)


Guido said...

Actually pigeons were quite a common method of communication in WW1 on all sides.

They were used quite a bit during the Somme Offensive. And the British had the National Pigeon Service for WW2. One pigeon even won the Dickin Medal (a medal awarded to animals for their war efforts).

jonnyboy said...

I don't care if he was rogering the Duke of York with a prize-winning leek.