Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cheaty cherry & chocolate pudding

So recently I have been going to lots and lots of parties where I am asked to take a dessert of some kind, partly because I offered in the first place & then it became almost an expectation. I have been baking lots of cakes, but for Saturday fancied something much quicker and easier, so I invented a very easy cheaty pudding. I suppose it is sort of a trifle.

supermarket sponge cake
fresh cherries
powdered chocolate pudding mix - check number of servings per packet

Choose the appropriate size of dish depending on numbers you need to feed. Line the dish with a 1cm thick layer of sponge cake - one of those rectangular sponges is ideal. I used a €0,79 slab of marble cake.

Stone and roughly chop some ripe cherries - enough to cover the entire layer of cake. This is the most hassle of the whole thing, I think. Spread the chopped fruit evenly over the sponge, gently crushing with a spoon to encourage the cherries to leak juice into the base.

Now slosh some booze over - marsala or sherry would be best, I used the former.

Now make up the chocolate pudding according to the packet instructions, which usually involves boiling up the powder with whole milk for a few minutes. Pour it carefully over the sponge/cherry ensemble & leave it to set. I made 3 packets worth, which serves 12, and takes 1.5L of milk, poured over about 600g of cherries.

Serve it chilled - you can decorate the top with more cherries should you so desire, or chocolate flakes, or even with whipped cream if you wanted to go crazy, but there's no need. This is better if made the day before, but in either case is a nice lazy option which looks good & tastes better.

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