Wednesday, 13 May 2009


In the last few months we have had a new song in the Sud, started of course by the Fedayn who seem to be the only people who ever start new chants. It goes:

Nessuno fermerà
Quel sentimento che
in casa in trasferta
m'accompagno insieme a te
Per te combatterò
Per te non mollerò
Sarò sempre al tuo fianco
e più forte griderò
AS Roma alé
io tiferò per te
AS Roma AS Roma AS Roma alé

For some reason it took me ages to recognise the tune, perhaps because it sounds so very different in this rendition, and the rhythm works a bit differently, but it is "I'm X 'til I die". This always reminds me of the 2005 playoffs at the Millenium stadium where I mendaciously participated in the general declaration that I was Wednesday 'til I died, a statement to confuse any non-football supporter no small amount.

Anyway the tune is a simple but effective one and we are by no means the only team to have appropriated it for our own nefarious purposes, to which end I offer you this song from Dinamo Zagreb's BBB ultras (Bad Boys Blue). This is a top quality video for a top quality song, as I am sure you will all agree:

There's rapping! in Croatian! never let it be said that I don't give you anything....

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Zach Dundas said...

When in reality you were only Wednesday until Monday, right?