Sunday, 12 April 2009

Lazio 4 - 2 Roma

What to say? losing the derby is always infuriating, painful, depressing or wretched, and sometimes all four. But to lose to *this* Lazio - perhaps the most inconsistent side in the league - that's exceptionally poor. And to go 2-0 down inside the first three minutes of the game? fuck me. you're really taking the piss there.

So I would say: yes Zarate was impressive & his goal was extraordinary; yes Lazio have some real attacking talent; yes the ref was an absolute cunt who made a string of wholly incomprehensible decisions (any game which ends 10 vs 9 is not a great sign). But none of that remotely excuses a bloody pisspoor performance which effectively spells the end of our last remaining Champions' League aspirations for last year. There was a lot of fucking appalling defending (and goalkeeping), there was stupid giving away of the ball, there were some shocking misses (and some impressive last ditch Lazio defending, at times), there was an old, slow, past-it Totti yet again rushed back from injury when he's not ready, and there was a lack of anything that looked like conviction. Lazio more than deserved their win, they stopped us from playing our game (apart from a 20 minute spell in the first half) and were able to take advantage once we fell apart.

bleurgh. horrendous stuff. wins for Fiorentina & Genoa pretty much wrap up the race for 4th place as least as far as we're concerned. Second sending off of the season for Mexes & Panucci means a 3 match ban each. Did I ever mention that football is rubbish?


Martinus Scriblerus said...

I'm sorry that football is rubbish. Have followed your lead and made hot cross buns. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not. That's just the reward of apostasy.

oscar said...

For me, there was more honor to take from the 1-7 loss at Old Trafford than there was to find in yesterday's derby. The worst I remember seeing.

None are exempt.

Martinus Scriblerus said...

That seems unnecessarily pissy, anonymous/dV!

Richard said...

Miserable. The only chance we get to watch Roma in Britain is in the Champions League; now that's gone out the window as well. I suppose someone will show the UEFA Cup, or Europa League, but I'm really not sure I can be arsed with it.

The press reports of Spalletti's bust-up with Tare suggest that even the coach has lost it. What a nasty little season this is.

Is there any hope that the club will revamp the squad and make bloody sure of a top 4 finish next year?

Thought not!

Anonymous said...

now there are reports that Mexes and Doni will be sold. I know these rumours float around all the time - but I can't help but think that this season has completely undone 4 years of good work.

A very sad Roma tifoso

Terry said...

No, it's not. That's just the reward of apostasy.You can always rely on a gooner for a classless snipe, can't you?