Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Roma 1 - 4 Juventus

Ah, the joy of a Saturday night game. The 20.30 kick-off gives you an awkward dilemma as to whether to eat before or after (or both) and it removes one of your potential socialising evenings. It also gives you the chance to gutlessly roll over in front of fucking Juve, for fuck's sake, about which the least said the better.

No, I can't resist, dammit. A day in which Loria scores our only goal is a day in which football is to all intents and purposes dead. Juve are not an amazing or exciting side but they are very good counter-attacking; their first goal was particularly good, their second typically spawny, but I think it was the third that really knocked the stuffing out of us both on and off the pitch. People started leaving, the cunts. A thing which infuriates me no end. It's bad enough when we're winning, but when we're losing its unforgivable. The same people who are all die-hard fans when we play Arsenal but have never been to see Bologna or Brescia in their lives, or who want tickets in the Curva Sud for the Cup Final, but would never dream of going to any of the previous rounds. And who want to come to this big game but not to stay if we're losing. Fuck you all.

The Juve fans were pretty loud, in fact. They are among the better of the big clubs' fans - miles better than Inter, who are, in the word of one ultra "absolutely pitiable". They had come in good nubmers, brought plenty of flags, and actually made themselves heard a couple of times (beyond just when they had scored their goals, of course). They also, less impressively, threw 4 or 5 lit flares into the Curva Nord - a section largely full of families & older guys though with a few ultras at the front, including one sizeable group who moved up there a few weeks ago. The Sud meanwhile was in ironic mood, cheering Loria with unprecedented enthusiasm and launching into a rendition of "barbera, champagne" (a celebratory victory song) after their fourth goal.

Onwards and hopefully upwards, comrades. But with Genoa & Fiorentina missing the fourth place appears to recede into the distance.


Blogistuta said...

Excellent observation on people leaving early; the highest form of cuntery for a football fan (right up there with supporting Inter).

I don't know what anyone was expecting anyway, had biblical plagues struck Trigoria before this game, we'd still be able to put up more regular starters than we could on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree; St. James' Park was emptying at eighty minutes on Sunday (and Newcastle fans have PASSION). Shocking cuntery.

Terry said...

People didn't start leaving until after the fourth, really, and to be honest I can understand why more casual fans left, that's why they're more casual fans.

Anyway, leaving when 4-1 down (or up) pails into insignificance when you've seen people leaving at 1-0 down with ten minutes to go and with the team chasing a goal.

Albert Herring said...

"people leaving at 1-0 down with ten minutes to go and with the team chasing a goal."

We had a bunch of them at Forest last Saturday (including the two blokes in front of me who always go five minutes early). Still, they've probably been doing it for 30 years longer than me. Tossers.