Sunday, 22 February 2009

scenes you (probably) seldom see

Location: the ticket office of the Teatro dell'Opera, Rome. Thursday afternoon.

Ticket Lady: Prego Signorina, mi dica?

Customer: ah, I was wondering if I could change these tickets for Coppélia at all?

TL: which performance have you booked for?

C: the Saturday evening performance at 18.00. I was wondering, would it be possible to switch to the Sunday performance?

TL [frown]: Well, it might be tricky... let me see... can you not make the Saturday ballet?

C: no, I hadn't realised that it, er, clashes with the football. We have an early evening Saturday kick-off against Siena, so perhaps I could go to the Sunday matinée?

Ah the joys of a busy weekend. Roma 1 - 0 Siena; Swanhilda 2 - 0 Coppélia; Waistline 0 - 4 tasty foods. good things all round.

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Martinus Scriblerus said...

Ace. You Renaissance woman.