Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Roma 2 - 0 Samp

I have to confess a guilty secret. Sometimes, just occasionally, for various reasons, I have to admit that.... *gulp*

I don't entirely feel like the football much.

There, I've said it. You're all thinking, pah, part-timer, right? It doesn't happen that often. I'm more likely to be over enthusiastic, like this Sunday when CB & I left the house before 8am to go on a pointless away trip to watch an amateur local game in the 7th level of the Italian league pyramid in the company of 9 crazy ultras. But sometimes I feel a bit... meh. Like this evening. Sorry.

It's a Wednesday. It's an 20.30 start. It's cold. I've been working. I have to get up early. It's been drizzling on & off all day and not only do I have the normal dislike of drizzle but I went to the hairdresser this afternoon and my nice straight hair-do, impossible to replicate at home, would be ruined by rain. Home is cosy and equipped with DVDs, Bendicks chocolates, Georgette Heyer novels, thick woolly socks, Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Gamecube, limitless quantities of Earl Grey tea and a suprisingly effective Italian HobNob substitute.

But I still went. Partly since CB was going anyway. Partly because I know how lucky I am to be able to - so many people are cut off by distance or finances from the team of their heart. I know that countless Romanisti in Australia or the US would give if not their arm then at least a small toe to have a season ticket in the Sud. So of course I went.

The story of Doubting Thomas has always confused me. Biblical exegesis has never been my strong point, but surely it's faith that is supposed to be rewarded, not doubt? Why should a crisis of faith be rewarded so generously? This is what I have to ask myself about Julio Baptista's two wonderful goals this evening. Both were fabulous in their different ways - no decentr videos are up on youtube yet but I will check again tomorrow - the first a great free-kick, the second a lovely diagonal effort after beating 2 defenders with a mix of strength & skill. He was great all night, in fact. Samp were pretty unispiring, mind, offering remarkably little; they seem to struggle away this season. Even Cassano couldn't do much - either he didn't get the ball or he tried to do too much with it when he did. For us Cicinho looked lively & put in some decent crosses, Riise looked decent, De Rossi his usual imperious self though without much to do, and Pizarro also created some nice moments. Mucho happiness, 3 points safely secured, lots of abuse aimed at one particular Samp player (Cassano metteti a piagne'), hfd all round.

And my hair didn't even frizz.


Anonymous said...

Faith/doubt, can't have one without the other.

So glad Julio's doing well for you. Bless his little cotton socks.

ginkers said...

Sometimes that is the way of it, the games you most anticipate fall flat. And the ones you can hardly be bothered with turn out to be crackers!

Antonio Gurrado said...

Biblical exegesis is mine.

The lack of faith, or better the doubt, has to be rewarded because Jesus says (Matthew 9,12; Mark 2,17; Luke 5,31): "They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick. "

Three cheers for King James and two for Julio Baptista!


Anonymous said...

It's the same for almost anything....when we really don't feel like it, that's when we enjoy it. Not always with parties. Email me your phone no. please. Philly xxxxxxxx

Meanwhile... said...

My "just occasionally" happens at least ten times in the course of any match. Either they will equalise, or we won't. I'm never going again, at least until next week.

But I'm sure that even the seventh level of the Italian game is a much more uplifting experience than stoical away end at any number of League Two backwaters.