Tuesday, 13 January 2009

in praise of... lists

Counting up to the most popular, here are the current top 5 most searched for men by Yahoo! internet search users in Italy.

5. Roberto Saviano [author of bestselling Camorra exposé Gomorrah]
4 Max Baer [American heavyweight world champion, b. 1909 d 1959]
3. Chuck Norris [Chuck Norris]
2. Antonio Di Pietro [anti-corruption lawyer who led Mani Pulite investigation in early 1990s & now runs small leftist political party]
1. David Beckham [indefinable in parentheses]

there is something indefinably pleasing about this list.


ginkers said...

I thought I might have been in there, still, there is always next year...

Oscar said...

Number 4 is the non-sequitur to end all non-sequiturs. Wow. That made me smile, genuinly.

Aussie Romanista said...

I'm currently reading Gomorrah. Very good so far. I've seen the movie which was good.
Princess you never did get around to doing a review of Cosa Nostra!

TrentToffee said...

...dearest SP, AR is right. You did hint that you'd right a piece about the Mafia. You'd have a spellbound audience of at least 2, so it's worth doing.

I saw the film (Gomorrah). It made my blood run cold. I've yet to read Mr Saviano's book, but I will. He has unimaginable courage.