Saturday, 13 December 2008

students, bless 'em

from my students' answers either in exams on in research papers:

On terrorism in Europe:
ETA and the IRA and UDF were not the only kinds of terrorist violence. There was also Wales in Great Britain.
On Robespierre:
He was a bit of a jerk.
On Thatcher:
1 - She was the most unpopular Prime Minister since Chamberlain.

2 - She was a very cut throat kind of gal.

3 - She nationalized lots of important industries. [eh??]
Estimated Time of Arrival [oh. my. god.]
On Italian national identity:
"All for one and one for all." The Three Musketeers certainly weren't Italian.
Best/ worst of all - and from an Italian student as well:
"... Giulio Andreotti, leader of the Italian communist party..."


another joe said...

LOL. That was just priceless.

marco said...


Ultan said...

Fuck me. Although I hope you gave a first to the person who described Wales as a terrorist enterprise.

giovanni da procida said...

To be fair, the Robespierre answer was technically correct...

The Jet Set said...

The internationalism of stupid answers, we are all one.

Ultan said...

The Robespierre answer was a vicious slur on one of history's greatest people.

TrentToffee said... here ! A first to that man who identified Whales as ruthless terrorists.

Sometimes you have a great job.