Friday, 19 December 2008

I knew it, I absolutely knew it!

We play Arsenal. Argggh. this was almost inevitable after having had Chelsea last round. the gods of football like to rub salt in the wounds.

Chelsea v Juve is also interesting. perhaps we'll make it up north, could be a laugh for that one.
And 3 of the 4 English sides are coming to Italy (Inter v Man Utd should be quite entertaining)

oh and there are some other games as well. whatever.

Comment from the Gazzetta: "Le 3 italiane con 3 inglesi...non poteva andare peggio...prevedo una caporetto....". How my worlds collide.


Richard said...

Conflicting loyalties notwithstanding, surely one of the easiest draws Roma could have had...?

Andy H said...

I sincerely hope that you (Roma) crush you (Arsenal). That is all.

Anonymous said...

And Richard can fuck right off :-)

Albert Herring said...

Un Caporetto? So that'll be three resounding wins for the English teams, but then they'll get held up on the Piave and the country will disintegrate?

Actually, yes, that looks quite likely.

TrentToffee said...

Divided loyalties ? I doubt it.

Richard said...

Crikey - Wenger was so respectful of Roma in his 5Live interview earlier. Of course, by February Arsenal will be the new Barcelona.