Tuesday, 23 December 2008

ending the year on a low

so not only did we lose 3-2 at Catania but now Totti is out for about 2 months - pulled the muscle in his right thigh. So that's on top of his shonky and breakable ankle, knees & back then? marvellous. Never mind the rumoured return to the national side, he'll be off the knackers' yard all too soon at this rate. bah. They think he may be back for Arsenal. But there is of course no guarantee. We are less Tottidipendete than perhaps we were 18 months ago but he still leaves a big hole in the side, and we have a number of important games in the next 2 months (starting with Milan at home). So this is not a good note on which to conclude the year, football-wise.

perhaps I will do a kind of 2008 in review type of post in a bit. I am enjoyiang my time off muchly muchly though.

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