Friday, 19 December 2008

but do they listen when I speak?

More from the educational coal face for your horror and delectation.

On the tricky issue of Turkey's candidacy for the EU:
Turkey massive Islamic population seems very disconnected with the Anglo-Saxon, primarily Christian EU. [I wonder what he thinks Anglo-Saxon actually means?]

Turkey can be seen as a heavily Muslim nation.

Turkey was clearly in the wrong as they excommunicated thousands of Armenians.
The joys of chronology:
After the European Union was founded, the Euro got very strong.
On the issue of collective EU military deployment:
You soon get questions of who is going to be in charge? Are British troops supposed to fight under the command, or even worse, alongside, French troops? (just kidding.... but not really?) Will there be translators?
On the origins of European integration:
After starting with the Coal and Steal Community.....

The members were France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Netherlands.
On Alcide De Gasperi:
He was never elected Prime Minister since he was too controversial.
On post-war Italian politics:
The period of 1946 was a hysterical one in terms of hysterical electorate propaganda from the Christian Democratic Party. ... The electoral elections was a a clear victory for the Christian Democrats. The DC carries a socialist spectrum.
On Silvio Berlusconi:
A good businessman and good looking (?). [I second that ?]

Berlusconi became Prime Minister in 1994 and many thought this was just a cruel joke.
On the 2 December, 1969 terrorist atrocities in Milan:
The bombing of a fountain in Milan is an example. The right wing put the bomb in the fountain and then blamed an anarchist for it. After he was brought into custody, he mysteriously fell from a window. It is most likely that he was pushed by the right wing. [omg. where to start?]
On the Catholic Church:
During the Second Vatican council, divorce was made legal. Abortion was also revisited. The Church decided that abortion should be allowed if the doctors agreed to perform one. [this has left me slack-jawed with horror.]
On demographics:
The population is decreasing faster than it is increasing.
On women's liberation:
Women gained more freedoms as better household products allowed them to have more free time.
And of course you'll not be surprised to learn that Moro has followed his old pal Andreotti into the PCI while Berlinguer has taken the opposite path and was apparently a DC stalwart. Sigh. But, y'know, lots of them are really good too. And some of them are even capable of constructing a grammatically correct sentence. Wonders will never cease.


chris c paul said...

that last one is genius...

TrentToffee said...

"After starting with the Coal and Steal Community". Aye, those bloody farmers are good at stealing (counting their cattle twice, etc).

It's just fabulous stuff. Keep it coming.