Thursday, 20 November 2008


Let me guess, you're sat at your desk, trying to put off getting some work done, and asking yourself, what is youth culture saying about the infiltration of the Mafia into inner city sub-cultures in Sicily? why is there not more Sicilian political hip-hop?

Never fear, I can offer an answer to these pressing questions:

Thankfully it is subtitled in Italian for the non-Palermitani among us (I can grasp bits of the dialect, but it's not what I'd call intuitive, like Romanesco...). Enjoy.


Terry said...

That's actually really excellent. Where did you get this from?

Don't say Youtube.

bernardlion said...

Sono veramente bravi.

oscar said...

Liked it a lot. And it presents two suggestions for future blogging:

- the topic itself, mafia infiltration into sub-cultures, or youth more generally. Quite interesting.

- anything similar in romanesco available? And don't say Flaminio Maphia, I'm hoping for something better.