Saturday, 1 November 2008

No surprises (Juve 2 - 0 Roma)

Edvard Munch, in 1894, has a premonition about Despair against a red and yellow background. Clever chap.

I didn't watch the game (I'm working, of course) but it is the resulted I expected. Indeed, it's precisely the result I predicted in the prediction league I intermittently remember to take part in. I can't summon the energy to say much right no, not least since I have 16 essays on Fascist Italy still to mark this evening. But, y'know. Ouch. How much longer will Spalletti have? how badly are we going to lose to Chelsea on Tuesday (who once again have prepared for their game against us by slotting 5 past some north-eastern no marks). Will we manage to get into the top half of the table by Christmas? Will it be 2011 before we next play in Europe? and when are we going to accept that Totti is old, and substantially broken, and buy a fucking striker?

I will share two more cheerful pieces of news:

I made a really tasty dinner tonight: aubergine and pea curry, with tarka dal (the dal was exceptionally nice, though I say it myself) and rice and chapatis. Yum. also cheap and healthy. happy days.

I have a new article out in a book which should, you have a spare £47.50 to spend you will be able to obtain via Amazon, in the unlikely event of your enthusiasm. It's actually one of my better pieces of work, and some of the other essays in the collection are excellent, so if you are interested in military history, collective memory, cultural perspectives on warfare or owt like that, then you could do a lot worse. Also woot for me and that.


Brian said...

Many congratulations on the book! (Also on the dinner.) Hope the personal triumphs can make up for Totti-based non-triumphs elsewhere...

Martinus Scriblerus said...

Hey, congratulations! Boop boop for you! This is ace. I am sorry that sport is rubbish. San Francisco has just discovered rain and is being a bit gung-ho about it.

roswitha said...

Congratulations on the essay! Most interested also to know what goes into your version of tarka dal.

Quite miserable about Juve winning anything- that they should win against Roma is pretty horrible.

ursus arctos said...

That looks like a great book.

Do you get any of the proceeds, or is at all about glory? (that would be strangely appropriate).

Spangly Princess said...

thank you. There are no proceeds, as such, so there had better be some kind of glory. Mostly it fills a space on my CV.

Roswitha: I made a sort of amalgam of various recipes I found on the internet. most likely deeply inauthentic but tasty. I boiled the soaked yellow lentils with some ground coriander, salt & grated fresh ginger in the water for about an hour or so (I think) until they were cooked & the texture was right. Then I fried some cumin seeds & lots of garlic in butter and poured it on top/mixed it in a bit; no fresh coriander here, alas, or I'd have stuck a little bit on top (though I have found a shop near piazza vittorio, a big immigrant area, which sells coriander).

if you want to offer me tips then they would be most welcome!

ursus arctos said...

Peccato, I think I'm going to buy a copy anyway. It's a fascinating topic (as if I have to tell you . . .)

I hope that you will be kind enough to autograph it the next time you come by.

martinus scriblerus said...

Ursus, you know how to flatter a lady. Glory indeed.