Thursday, 6 November 2008

no rest for the wicked

so, no time to gloat about Chelsea properly, not least since a) we are still in so much trouble domestically & however much I hope we have turned a corner, what with our crazy new "why not play two strikers at once" formation, there is still a long way to go; and b) since a Certain Party has taken the whole thing rather badly. Ahem. (in fairness, he was cross as much about the coin-throwing pseudo-hoolie fuckers in the Curva Nord as anything else).

Anyway I am off to sunny cold and blustery north-eastern France tomorrow since I am giving a paper at a conference this weekend, loosely linked to the 90th Anniversary of the 1918 Armistice. The programme, should you care, is here, and it's open to the public so if you happen to be passing through Amiens et environs, do drop in. My paper is a bit... er... hastily cobbled together. But hey.

Time for painkillers (for my back) and then bed methinks. Have a good weekend and let's hope Roma can at least beat Bologna on Sunday.


Aussie Romanista said...

Cicinho is shit.

Richard said...

Quick 'woot' for the derby.


That's all, folks.