Sunday, 5 October 2008

Siena 1 -0 Roma

We are uncompromisingly shit away. Still. Our injury list is awful. Panucci & Mexes both got themselves sent off and so will miss the first game back after the break, which is... Inter. Lazio are top of the table. I can't even bring myself to type out the expletives.

I have done about 8 hours work both yesterday and today and will be working til at least 8pm, if not 10pm, every day this week.

My cough has not gone away.

That is all.

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joejoejoe said...

I was watching some goal highlights on 101Greatgoals one day last year and the Italian announcer kept saying something like "Mac-a-ron-i! Mac-a-ron-i" about a million times after somebody hit the post and I thought "That must be what Italians call the post - macaroni."

Then I realized it was Massimo Maccarone that hit the post and the announcer was just calling the action I felt a bit dim. I've been a fan of Siena ever since, mostly to hide my own idiocy.