Monday, 6 October 2008

Rudi Völler!!!

Rudi Völler was having a coffee in the bar opposite work today. How cool is that. He sat at the table next to me while I drank a cup of tea and chatted to the barman. Apparently he's been in before as well. He was on his own, and perfectly amiable. How glamourous a lifestyle I lead, or something.


punk said...

un incontro fortunato eh spangly!

Antonio Gurrado said...

How great! I absolutely loved him. (Not carnally.)


chris c paul said...

did you spit in his hair?

Voller is forever with a greenie in his hair in my imagination.

In other worlds I am becoming obsessed with the period 1400-to 1600.

ginkers said...

Did you ask him about his 42 days as Roma boss or however long he lasted?