Thursday, 23 October 2008

Chelsea 1 - 0 Roma

y'know, that's not so bad. I can live with that. It wasn't a humiliation or anything. And the football was so unremittingly dull that Chelsea Boy is in no position to gloat much. And our support sounded good on the telly.

I am pining for writing, I have to say, and absolutely cannot wait to have time to write regularly again, if I haven't lost all my readers by then. keep well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darling!
is it that you're working too hard?
I thought it's because you've got CB over there with you.
I miss you writing even tho' I'm not in the least bit into football.
love Philly xxxxxxxx

Juventino said...

Shame on any reader that you do lose, SP!!!
I'll keep coming back as long as we're above you ;o)

Hope you're keeping well.

Richard said...

I don't comment on the blog anymore, because most comment-leavers seem to know you personally, but I still come here for Roma reports, and look forward to reading more about our miserable season on these pages.

Spangly Princess said...

Richard: no, they don't all know me personally! only a few do. I just feel like I know people after they have commented a bit, [or they are just grossly over-familiar!] so please don't stop, I appreciate it greatly and comments are what keep a blogger going.