Sunday, 14 September 2008

Over-identification of self with team

Since Thursday I have been ill with a raging fever: hot and cold sweats, shivers, a hacking bronchial cough, terrible headaches. I have been getting through 2 or 3 pairs of pyjamas a day, and multiple cold showers, and huge quantities of enormously overpriced paracetamol. CB has been waiting on me hand and foot, producing meals which I've largely left uneaten, bringing me medicines and home made iced tea, and fetching me fruit, tissues, glasses of water, books etc and taking away fruit, used tissues, empty glasses, books etc.

I should have read the signs and not cavalierly expected us to beat Palermo. It was clearly doomed.

3-1. Ten minutes of brightness - about as long as my perky spells last - before 80 minutes of dazed, sweating, lost, painful... oh you get the picture. Yes it is all about me, dammit. I'm sick. Don't be mean to me.

Still, at least we can all laugh at Milan, no? (Actually, I can't, since when I laugh I start to cough very painfully. But the principle is sound.)


patcook said...

Damn Milan! If Ancelotti gets sacked, then being the butt of everyones jokes for a season isnt too bad, As long as we dont get relegated.

ursus arctos said...

Crap, here I thought the absence of posts was due to your vow to overcome all of the shortcomings of the US educational system through a Stakhanovite approach to teaching . . .

Carletto is the least of Milan's (many) problems. The fish rots from the head, and that "team" is manifestly not the one that either Acelotti or Galliani would have assembled if they had been working for a different president.

Antonio Gurrado said...

As for Milan, what I think about their istuation is [starts weeping]


Nick said...

It could be a lot worse: Roma could be in the dire straits that they're in with Lazio top of the table... :D

Aussie Romanista said...

Maldini's foul in the area for the penalty says it all for Milan really.
Catania robbed against Inter. Good to see referees and linesmen are still happy to guess.
Stop your whinging princess! (j/k!)

Spangly Princess said...

Ursus: you weren't at all wrong. Stakhanovite is the word. But that was until my body decided that rather than producing lectures I should be generating 80 litres a day of sweat and phlegm, and all the historical knowledge in my head had been replaced by a medium brass cannon.*

*bonus points if you know why brass