Thursday, 28 August 2008


Champions' League draw

Group A

chances of tranquillity in the CB/SP household not looking rosy...


sp3ktor said...

Yes, but think of the number of ways you can settle the matter "once and for all".

See advantage in everything!

another joe said...

The last time I checked, two teams advance from each group. So, just beat Bordeaux and Cluj (easy enough) and you can avoid tension with Chelsea Boy.

ginkers said...

To hell with avoiding tension. Get ripped into the English! Forza Roma! Forza Totti! Chelsea merda!

Antonio Gurrado said...

Do you two have any friends supporting Bourdeaux or Cluj, by the way?


chelsea boy said...

Most of my friends will be supporting both of those teams when we play them.

chris c paul said...

haha- maybe you could agree not to watch it and not to talk about it, in order to avoid any stresses or strains on the relationship.

Priorities and all that.

Or if Roma win you... do the washing up for week, and viceversa.

punk said...

bella sfida sarĂ !!!

Aussie Romanista said...

I agree with ginkers.
Can't finally beat these pom teams unless we play them, so bring it on. I was hoping for Man Utd again but Chelski will do.