Thursday, 14 August 2008

bizarre story of the day

The body of a man "in an advanced stage of decomposition" and apparently killed by a rifle shot to the head, found in a side road near the station in a small town not far from Rome, has been identified as the father-in-law of Daniele de Rossi. Apparently, he had minor previous convictions, and had already survived one attempt on his life. Investigations are being carried out by an organised crime unit, with the implication that there are some kind of mafia (or more likely Camorra, in southern Lazio) links.

This is very odd. Not to be flippant, but this is clearly a better grade of WAG-related scandal than you get in England, where disappointingly few fathers in law of Premier League stars appear to be petty criminals caught up and out of their depth in major criminal gangs. Though of course de Rossi himself is from Ostia, a deeply unsavoury town once you stray away from the beach (and possibly even there), and centre of the Roman drugs trade. Er. Anyway. Condolences to all involved etc.


ursus arctos said...

Have you forgotten the whole saga about Alex Gerrard and her mobbed up admirer, and Stevie G's getting his dad to talk to "some people who took care of it"?

This one is good, but has an extra degree of separation.

I also found the location strange for a mob hit.

The Liquidator said...

Yeah Gerrard's family are pretty 'close' to some prety unsavoury characters. It's just that story was practically unprintable.

AIATL said...

tut tut. Your grasp of gossip is lax Ursus. Gerrard used to go out with FHM superhero Jennifer Ellison (face of a 12 year old, four feet tall, udders like balloons) but she dumped him because he was very boring. So She Engineered a swap deal with a rather unpleasant scouse gangster called tony richardson. In return Gerrard got his moll Alex Curran.

Anyway it turned out that while this gangster wasn't as boring as Stevie G, He also wasn't very nice, and after various drive by shooting incidents, infidelity, and reported brutality Ellison has moved on from this dubious figure.

Stevie G's autobiography is remarkably silent on the issue of his celebrity girlfriend of two or three years, and the way in which he found his wag.