Saturday, 12 July 2008

That time of year again

Season ticket renewal time has come round again, and I went this afternoon to purchase the small piece of plastic-coated card which guarantees me 9 months of emotional exhaustion. Sounds like pregnancy, when put like that. 9 months of frustration, hope, anguish, delight, despair and suspense. Still with the pregnancy thing. Hmm. I hope not to put on a whole load of weight between September and May, then.

Anyway for this year prices have been frozen for the third year in a row (€235, which is 187 of your currently rather weak pounds). But not for me, since this year they have introduced the naffly-entitled "rosa giallorossa" scheme (rosa means both pink/rose, and hence the colour of women [grr] and also list or group, as in squad list, so it is kind of a "Team Pink" pun). This entails hefty discounts for women, not only in the posh seats as has occasionally been done for cup ties in the past, but in all sectors. In the curve this amounts to an €80 discount, so I have paid €155. The more expensive seats have correspondingly greater discounts, with the very top price bracket being reduced almost 50% for women, who pay €660 instead of €1250. A hefty gret whack, one might say. Season ticket renewal time coincides pleasingly with the summer sales, so the unexpected saving will be spend on clothes, I think. I have already bought a little linen strappy dress in a soft sea-green colour with a crochet detail round the bodice, for a bargain €21,50. It is knee-legnth and flares out gently in a flattering way.

CB is settling in, term is finally over (woot!) so things are good. I am very much hoping to find somehow the time/money to go on holiday somehow. Vediamo. First things first, I need to go to IKEA and buy a desk. (And a bookshelf. God how I need a bookshelf. And a host of other things, such as a chopping board, a lap-top rest, a table for the balcony, a shoe-rack, a mirror and other suchlike. But most of all the desk and the bookshelf.) For which I need a friend with a car. Urgently. Hmm.

Tonight we are going out after dinner, perhaps to the Villa Celimontana where they do outdoor summer jazz evenings, and I shall wear the new dress (woo). Then tomorrow I must mark the Twentieth Century Italy exam. Perhaps I'll post you up some questions, keep you all on your toes.

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Garibaldy said...

Pure sexism. Do they charge gay people extra, like with driving tests?