Friday, 4 July 2008


sorry, people, I have been shamefully neglecting you. My tonsillitus is better, thankfully. And at long last we actually have a solid and reliable internet connection. Amazing. The combination of intensive work and the presence of CB has meant I haven't had much time to post but I shall return, fear not.

In other news, Daniele de Rossi has renewed his contract, which is excellent; and the non-arrival of Harry Kewell is of course welcome. An announcement about season tickets is due today. CB has had an article translated in Portuguese and published on a Brazilian site, an event which has filled me with delight, pride and poorly concealed envy. Term is nearly over here, only 1 more class & the exam still to go. It is hot. I am in desperate need of a trip to IKEA (I have no desk, still, and my back is quite bad at the moment). The price of pasta in the shops has skyrocketed, it is scandalous. This observation makes me feel like an old woman. CB & I are off for a weekend in the country with friends, yay. Hopefully it will be less sticky there.


chris c paul said...

my really hazy understanding of rudementary economics leads me to believe that

growing bio-fuels has led to a decrease of supply of food, which has led to speculation that the price of food should rise, which has led to real price rises, which has made the price of pasta skyrocket, which makes SP feel like an old woman.

somone correct me if I am wrong, please. I think I get it but suspect I might not.

Spangly Princess said...

it's more the fact of moaning about the cost of pasta, than the price rises per se, that make me feel old.

but yeah, that's about the size of it. I blame George W. Bush and his environmental policies.

chris c paul said...

don't worry. I was moaning about kids riding bikes on the pavement the other day. I have yet to use the word 'hooligan', or the phrase 'little thug', apart from with irony- so there is still hope.