Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Ice-cream milkshakes

Recently we have been having a lot of ice-cream milkshakes.

Take 1 ripe medium banana per person, attack ferociously with an electric blender of some kind, add a scant half-scoop of plain ice-cream per person (no need to use luxury stuff, we are using supermarket own-brand "Panna" which is perfectly acceptable), whizz again, add milk and whizz once more till smooth and creamy. Drink on the balcony in the sunshine, contemplating the empty spaces where plants will shortly be installed, or laughing at people trying to park Range Rovers in Smart-sized spaces.

It doesn't have to be bananas: a ripe peach, peeled and stoned, is an excellent replacement, and makes a very pretty coloured milkshake. Peach and banana together is also a good combination. Or strawberries, of course. I am thinking cherry would be good but a faff to stone. If the fruit is cold from the fridge, so much the better. (Yes I know there's no reason to keep all your fruit in the fridge, but Italians don't seem to use fruit bowls, and I've succumbed).

I think that of an evening the addition of a small slosh of alcohol could be beneficial, specially in with the peaches. I was thinking maybe rum, what fruit/booze combinations would my readers suggest?


TrentToffee said...

Mango. Definitely Mango. The king of all fruits. Perhaps with a splash of Vodka. And a pork pie.

Spangly Princess said...

we don't get mangos very often here. and when we do they are expensive. As for the pork pie, I think it would be quite nasty all blended up with milk and ice-cream, myself.

joejoejoe said...

Watermelon is good with booze. You might want to skip the ice cream and just blend it straight with ice.

Phoebe said...

But does it tatse like milkshake? I love ice cream, and have never liked milkshake.

If it tastes more like ice cream, I'll be happy to test drive the absinthe choc chip.

And instead of cherry, skip the fruit and just wang some glayva in.

Guido said...

Well, I think in Italy you would call it a 'frullato' because the blender is called a frullatore.

I think Italians (and I can't remember because I haven't experienced an Italian summer for 30 years - we at the antipodes tend to go to freezing Europe in our summer) can add ice and call it a frappè.

But I think that the use of ice cream is not common.

I am sure that if I went back to Italy there wouldn't be anywhere where I could indulge in my passion for vanilla malted milkshakes.

Spangly Princess said...

if my blender was up to it, I would stick in some ice and then it might indeed be a frappé. but my frullatore is a bit on the flimsy side.

Gerry said...

If you make the shake with nice ripe pears, the absolutely essential glug to add would be amoretto.