Saturday, 7 June 2008

more Euro2008 chat

last week in an exciting and flattering development I was invited to take part in a women's round table chat about the upcoming Euros, with a bunch of other female football bloggers. We chatted for almost three hours about the importance of regular match practice for goalkeepers, Croatia's chances, Domenech' s selection policy and whether or not we would rather see professional footballers naked or in their pants. Go, read, learn giggle. Or not, your choice.

Part I

Part II

I have been hideously busy of late, not least since Chelsea Boy has moved over here to live with me, and we have moved into a new flat together. Which has entailed lots of moving, chaos, book losing, reorganising, and most especially cleaning since the landlord had left the house covered in a thick layer of black grime. Filth notwithstanding life is mostly very good, and in bonus news the telly works so we got to watch Portugal-Turkey whilst lounging on our four poster bed and eating baked aubergines stuffed with beef, and roast potatoes. And then cherries and strawberries. Hfd. I am all excited about the Euros now.


Garibaldy said...

Firstly, good to see Hfd make an appearance. Secondly,how could you use it relative to the violation of pure meat with fucking aubergine.

ginkers said...

Can't wait for the game tonight. Then, when it starts, I know I will wish it was already over.

Forza Azzurri!