Thursday, 5 June 2008

Fantasy Twatball

Ladies and gentlemen, Euro 2008 is almost upon us, and that means only one thing: Twatball is back. Created by my evil step-father from, as I believe they say, an original concept from the very talented Matthew Craven, creator of one of my most treasured artworks.

Twatball is a standard Fantasy League type game where you display your footballing knowledge by picking a team for the tournament, who then score you points. Only in Twatball points are scored for twatty behaviour of one kind or another (yellow & red cards, own goals, diving, cheating, fighting etc). This is so clearly superior to regular fantasy leagues based solely on mundane activities like playing well and scoring goals that I can't think why anyone ever bothers with that any more.

You can also set up your own groups so as to compare your ability to spot a twat with that of your mates or colleagues.

The bad news is you have to sign up by Saturday so get on with it, people!


ursus arctos said...

Albert Herring is a co-creator of Twatball?

Who knew?

He has a rather eccentric team, while I was pleased to see that you were more daring than I and went with Sig. Cassano in yours.

Matthew's latest drawing is nothing short of genius.

Albert Herring said...

Matt had the idea, I just fiddled about with computery stuff to make it work.

My team is a bit eccentric because it's mostly a quick lucky dip, rather than a careful odds-studying exercise. And because I have full access to the database and can change it if I'm losing, of course. But basically because it would be churlish of a member of the organisation to win it (especially since Matt almost won it last time).

ursus arctos said...

I think the scoring system is complicated enough to make any attempt at a careful odds-studying exercise futile, but then I overthink pretty much everything.

Many thanks to both of you for taking the time to put it together. I think I've convinced a couple more football-obsessed North Americans to take part.

linfieldexile said...

Hi Van, just picked a team, but I fear theres too many Italians and I've chosen primarily on dirtiness and not on sneakiness.

Are you in the italian league? picked that one, just because.

Spangly Princess said...

Hey Mark

I am in the OTF & 40% leagues, if you bring other people along feel free to set up a group of your own too