Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sampdoria 0 - 3 Roma

"I can take the despair. It's the hope I can't stand." IMDB informs me that this immortal line was first uttered by John Cleese in Clockwise in 1986. Luckily it doesn't apply to me since I resolutely refuse to hope. So nerrr.

We won, Inter lost 2-1 in the derby, and we are now 3 points behind with 2 games to play. So it is all still theoretically possible: if we beat Atalanta in our last home game and win again at Catania on the last day, and they lose at home to Siena and away at relegation-battling Parma, then we could win the scudetto. If we do this I will bathe naked in the Trevi fountain. It ain't going to happen. (In the remote likelihood that it did happen, the city would be sufficiently turned upside down in chaotic celebrations that most likely no-one would even notice me naked in the Trevi fountain.)

Still, that Pippo Inzaghi eh. Every time you think "surely the immobile, fish-faced offside merchant must be over the hill by now" he goes and proves you wrong. With 9 goals in the last 5 league games. Not bad for a chap who'll be 35 in the summer.

Elsewhere, Cagliari guaranteed safety by beating Fiorentina (which puts Milan into a Champions' League spot for now) while Siena helped keep the pressure off us by beating Juventus. Lazio continue their momentaccio by losing at home to Palermo; at this rate there's no way we'll get the Cup Final Derby we all want.

At the bottom of the table where things are quite close, Parma perhaps surprisingly beat Genoa, Torino beat Napoli (marking the anniversary of the Superga tragedy with a rare win) and Reggina won at Catania; Empoli could only lose at home to Udinese which leaves them in all sorts of trouble. Livorno are definitely down, losing 3-2 at Atalanta in what must have been a heartbreaking game: they came back from 2-0 down to 2-2, only to concede a third in the 89th minute.

SO it looks like this:

Inter 81
Roma 78
Juventus 70
Milan 61
Fiorentina 60
Udinese 57
Sampdoria 56
Genoa 48
Napoli 47
Palermo 46
Atalanta 45
Siena 42
Lazio 40
Cagliari 38
Torino 37
Reggina 36
Catania 35
Parma 34
Empoli 33
Livorno 30

Second place is fine. I mean, now I've got used to the idea. In no way have I been gnawing my own liver and thinking about those points we threw away against Livorno. (Or Cagliari... or Empoli... etc). Let's focus on beating Catania in the cup semi second leg and on retaining the Coppa Italia.*assumed serenity*


patcook said...

If inter dont get all 3 points next weekend it would certainly put a lot of pressure on them and then you never know.

ursus arctos said...

And you don't need Inter to lose both matches. If they draw with Siena and at Parma and you win both, the scudetto is yours.

The appearance of "Inter's 16th Scudetto" merchandise outside the Meazza last week was a clear affront to the football gods, and there seems to be even more of it around the centre this morning. I'm convinced that anyone selling it is a Milanista.

Spangly Princess said...

I rather thought that the Curva Nord coreografia was tempting fate a little. Maybe I'm overly scaramantica, but I'd not have wanted to seem that certain.

They'll still win it.

mattcr said...

loved your description of inzaghi there