Sunday, 11 May 2008

Roma 2- 1 Atalanta; Inter 2 - 2 Siena

oh my god oh my god I so never believed Inter would drop points today.

We are at -1 and it all goes down to the last day.

We have to win, and for them not to win, but we could still actually win the scudetto. I think I believe it might be possible for the first time this season.

When Siena's second equaliser went in, the Curva Sud went mental like it was a goal in the derby.

I can't really write anything now. Normal service may resume later if I remember how to breathe.

but how in hell are we supposed to get through this week?


ginkers said...

When I heard Inter had got a penalty I thought the game was up but God bless Matrix for missing it.

Whatever happens it has been a hell of a season but the Giallorossi deserve the title. And, of course, Fiorentina deserve that last Champions League place.

ursus arctos said...

Materazzi has now formally apologised to the team for barging Cruz out of the way so that he could miss the penalty.

It's going to be a mad seven days, isn't it? I expect productivity in Rome to be at August-like levels.

martinobhoy said...

Couldn't believe it when I saw the results today. Keep believing, you never know.......

another joe said...

Imagine if you guys actually beat Livorno, Roma would be in the driver's seat for the title.

Best of luck in the final game.

Juventino said...

5 Maggio 2002 = 18 Maggio 2008


TrentToffee said...

oh bliss !! I howled with laughter when the big lump missed the penalty. The Scudetto winning penalty. At home !!

I'd love a lip reader to scan Mancini's reaction. Materazzi didn't even glance at the bench.

C'mon Roma finish this thing !! And doing it w/o Totti would make it so much sweeter.

Aussie Romanista said...

Not sure if I posted it on here or Ginkers' blog, but i decided about 2 months ago that we'd win the scudetto. Changed my mind after the Livorno draw but it just goes to show that Inter will always be Inter..... This club will self-destruct in 6 days!! So I'm saying it again.... VINCEREMO LO SCUDETTO! And how sweet it's going to be!

And I would LOVE to see a striscione in the Curva Sud that reads "5 Maggio 2002 = 18 Maggio 2008: Forza Parma!".

chelsea boy said...

People started celebrating at the Bridge on Sunday like Wigan had scored not once, but twice. Stupid fucking twats.

patcook said...

Roma have to be thinking double, right?