Wednesday, 14 May 2008

of course "wishing" rhymes with "mission"....

Why don't we have Cup Final songs in Italy? I mean, every club has its own anthem, often 2 or 3, and often dedicated songs by celebrated supporters from the musical world. So why not Cup Final songs, like in England? A musical genre of consistently high quality:

I mean, this is great. The players look bored and embarrassed by the obligation to sing, the rhyme scheme is excruciating, the whole thing will look fantastically dated in about 3 weeks' time, but it is still fantastic. Ok, it's no Anfield Rap, but then, what is?

In fairness, I can pretty much guarantee that Roma and Inter fans are not as excited about the Cup Final on 24 May as Cardiff and Pompey fans are about their final next Saturday. And not only because we have to get through this whole league-title-down -to-the-wire thing first. I mean, to have the same two teams in the final for the fourth sodding year in a row is taking the piss a bit.

Still, I'd be up for some appalling rhymes (Barnes/bananas) and bad white suits, it might make the whole thing a bit more exciting. And couldn't we sing Abide With Me? at the Olimpico? gwan gwan gwan it'd be ace.*

*This post brought to you by the urgent need not to think about Sunday's games.


ursus arctos said...

We'd have to get rid of this ridiculous seeding and tennis-type bracket first, though.

Can you imagine what the current version of the Inter and Roma songs would be?

It would be like the barely re-warmed panettone movies we get at Christmas, probably something like "Finale al Castelpusterlengo" by now.

Richard said...

There are several Cardiff Cup final songs, all of which can be 'enjoyed' at the link below.

As a Cardiffian Roma fan, I'm ssomewhat amazed to find that the double is on this weekend.

egan said...

How on earth did Ridsdale persuade them to include him in the lyrics?

Anonymous said...

Zackly, I was wondering about Ridsdale too ... possibly the most surreal aspect of the entire thing.