Sunday, 25 May 2008

è nostra!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just got home, it is ten to three, I have lost my voice a bit, and twisted my knee, and people are still leaning on their car horns outside. I must go to bed. But I just wanted to say wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I will tell you all about it tomorrow. Per ora, vi dico solo questo:

Barbera, champagne
Stasera beviam
per colpa della Roma la la la
per colpa della Roma la la la
Ai nostri color
Stasera beviam
con un bicchiere di barbera
e una coppa di champagne!


Antonio Gurrado said...

I already texted you everything I thought.

Thanks for saving Italian football this season.


punk said...

eheheh spangly!

Henry Ford said...

woop woop.

What did you win again?


The Jet Set said...

Very good news

Spangly Princess said...

HF: you may perceive, glittering vulgarly in the photograph, a tawdry bawble commonly known to observers and participants of sporting events as a "Cup", being an item presented to winners of what are on occasion termed "Cup Competitions". A tricky concept no doubt. The competition taking place in Italy, it is named with a plebian lack of imagination, the Italian Cup. That's what we won.