Monday, 12 May 2008

Man of the Week

Unquestionably, the Man of the Week is the inimitable Marco Materazzi.

Who, me?

Yes, you.

It was a big game for Inter: the trophy was waiting in a truck outside the San Siro, along with the stage, balloons and other such accoutrements, all ready to celebrate their 16th title in their last home game of the season. And Materazzi, as we know from the world cup in 2006, loves a big game atmosphere.

So having won a dodgy penalty, at 2-2, he remembered his penalty-scoring, match-winning heroics last year - also against Siena, as it happens - and displaying the humility and level-headed calm for which we love him, Materazzi (1 league goal in 2007/8) snatched the ball from his waiting team-mate Julio Cruz (13 league goals in 2007/8) and forcibly insisted on taking the penalty himself.

Ah.... bless him.

Here he is, gently rolling the ball into the waiting arms of Alex Manninger, ex-Arsenal keeper, who commented "I know how he takes his penalties [after last year] and so I waited til the last minute."

What a hero.

Apparently an Inter fan in Pisa was so enraged at this point that he threw his TV out of the window. This saved him, perhaps, from watching the futile closing minutes of the draw, or from seeing the complaints of his fellow interisti: "get to work," they reportedly advised the team.

Materazzi commented later "With hindsight, I should probably have let Julio take it, and I've apologised to him." No need to apologise, Marco, everybody round this way loves you.


ursus arctos said...

For once, Roberto Mancini (as captured by a lip reader) was fully in sync with the 75,000+ Interisti in the ground and the millions more watching on television.

"Mah, doveva batterlo Cruz, vaff . . ."

patcook said...

Its sort of sums up inter's end of season and inter in general.

So arrogant.

TrentToffee said...

You have to wonder, and laugh, what is wrong with this club ?

May they never change :0)