Friday, 23 May 2008

End of season review: you do the work

Well it's pretty much the end of the season now. The Coppa Italia final remains, to be played tomorrow night. But that's it. So it's traditional to do some kind of reminiscing or summarising or what have you. In a spirit of laziness I thought I'd ask you lot what you thought, about your club. My regular & regular-ish readers cover Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina, Milan, Juve, and Arsenal, Everton, Man Utd, Spurs, Norwich and Nottingham Forest, not to mention some minor team that play in blue somewhere in London. Oh and Celtic, Barcelona and the mighty Tampere United. I've probably forgotten someone very important, but don't be offended.

Tell me about your season:
  1. How's it been: one to remember, or one to cast from your mind as quickly as possible?
  2. The best bit?
  3. The bit you'd rather not talk about?
  4. Player about whose brilliance you've been most likely to bore your friends and family over the season?
  5. Player you're happiest to see linked with improbable transfer speculation to more or less anywhere, so long as they get the hell away from your team?
  6. Funniest thing you've seen this year in football?
  7. Dream transfer target?
  8. Most likely to actually arrive?
  9. Any other business?
I am translating a text about ancient Greek literature so please distract me with your season review.


philcafc said...

Though only an occasional poster, I hope you don't mind if I use this as an opportunity to vent...

1. 2007/08 for Charlton was a sterling, uplifting and memorable battle to the wire in which we more than deserved promotion. Oh wait, the other one: tedious, ineffective and clueless tactically (ie. midtable obscurity).
2. Simon Jordan 0-1 CAFC; CAFC 2-0 Simon Jordan.
3. The fact I’ve spent £790 this season on about 3 decent games.
4. Zheng Zhi, Wherever you may be, You’re selling dodgy (gets a bit un-PC)..
5. Jerome Thomas with his uncanny ability to disappear from games, silly coloured boots and can’t-clear-the-first-defender crosses.
6. Cassano vs Torino. Or more specifically, the ref. Still love him though.
7. Peter Halmosi of Plymouth. Or Sergio Aguero, I’m not picky.
8. Apparently Mark Hudson on a free from Palace.
9. A forward, someone creative and/or winger or 2. Maybe.

I did make 4 Serie A games plus Arsenal-Milan (away end, of course), so it wasn’t all bad.

Juventino said...

1. It has been a good season. Italian efforts in the CL were disappointing. It goes in cycles between the big three leagues, but the EPL has had 5 finalists in the and two winners in the last 4 years. Their TV money is finally putting them on top, it seems...

2. Beating Inter on their patch. Del Piero head cannon-shooter!!!

3. I'll take about anything. Even the bits I hate!

4. Alessandro Del Piero.

5. Zebina!

6. hmmm...Inter's wobbles. Ronaldo missing the most important penalties, hopefully because of that stupid run-up. Cassanate.

7. Giuseppe Rossi

8. Amauri :o(

9. Domenech is such a twat for not picking Trezeguet. France's best striker doesn't fit into the national team's style of play. That's pathetic. Materazzi looks like he's back to his shyte self. I hope he doesn't screw it up for us at the Euros.
Here's to hoping that nobody dies a football related death next season anywhere, let alone in Italy.

Phoebe Disco said...

1. Poor. Ipswich playing our least attractive football in over a decade, and we don't look like a team. We may have finished 8th, a point away from the playoffs, and only a very dodgy decision away from making them (0-0 v QPR, the ball handled by the defender as it crosses the line, no goal, no penalty given).

2. Beating Norwich at home would have been better had I been there. Otherwise, the fact it's finished.

3. The chairman, the manager, some of the team, the new billionaire owner who has managed to get a deal where we not only pay him back our debt in full (despite teh fact he only bought it for 25% of it's price), we even pay him back for the outlay on his shares, and a dividend. Still, we're not in debt anymore. Apart from the £46m we owe him.

4. Owen Garvan. The new Liam Brady. Off to Everton apparently, which will kill us next season.

5. Matt Richards. No, Dan Harding. No, Gavin Williams. No, Gary Roberts. No, Pablo Couñago. No, Dean Bowditch. No, Danny Haynes. No, Tommy Miller. Definitely Tommy Miller, at least the others will be kicked out or bought.

6. Richard Naylor's shot v Palace. Heading for the corner flag, until it hits Danny Haynes in the face and rebounds into the net. It finished 1-0.

7. Someone who doesn't fit Magilton's usual policy (ex-teammates, ex-Irish or midfielders only).

8. Gareth McAuley of Leicester (Irish). Titus Bramble of Wigan and Richard Wright of West Ham (ex-teammate, and CHRIST NO, HE'S SHIT)

9. Our pre-season games are all against sides managed by Magilton's ex-teammates. And we're touring Belfast. Woo.

oscar said...

I'll do AS Roma thankyouverymuch.

1. How's it been: one to remember, or one to cast from your mind as quickly as possible?
Season to remember, for sure. Supercoppa victory in Milano (I don't care about the general concensus, it's a trophy and we won it in great fashion against our biggest sporting rivals), and the team being critically acclaimed by, more or less, all of Europe and recognized as perhaps the "best" playing team on the continent. Scudetto schmudetto.
2. The best bit?
Real Madrid @ the Bernabeu. Footballing lesson from minute 1 through 90.
3. The bit you'd rather not talk about?
Behrami's goal in the derby.
4. Player about whose brilliance you've been most likely to bore your friends and family over the season?
Cicinho, if also for him being (IMHO) underused the first half of the season and I was itching to see him go. Or Vucinic, it's pretty much a toss-up here.
5. Player you're happiest to see linked with improbable transfer speculation to more or less anywhere, so long as they get the hell away from your team?
Good thing I'm no DS, because I can't kill my darlings. Mancini looks a goner and I can't say I'm distraught, even if he's a great player on his day. Ooooh actually, I'm fed up with Matteo Ferrari's antics on the pitch! Nice guy and all, but I will enjoy seeing him play for Milan (or whatever). nesta-Ferrari - spot the weakest link.
6. Funniest thing you've seen this year in football?
Guti attempting a rugby tackle on Vucinic and missing, falling to the ground face first.
7. Dream transfer target?
Toss-up: Marco Borriello and Joaquín (Valencia).
8. Most likely to actually arrive?
Assuming the Sensis stays...Iaquinta if we're lucky, some no-name CB to replace Ferrari if we're not.
9. Any other business?
Vucinic for LW next season! Oh, and to say this: Pizarro would be one of my absolute favorite players in the world. If he didn't play for Roma. Too many turn-overs for my liking, even if he's like a poet with the ball at his feet.
PS. Spalleti santo subito

ursus arctos said...

[b]FC Barcelona[/b]

1. Was there a season? More like a soap opera, and definitely one to forget. Any year in which Laporta begins by saying the blaugrana will win five trophies and ends by noting that the roller hockey team did really well . . .

2. The emergence of Bojan Krkic as a first team player. It's really striking how much longer last season's list would have been, even if both seasons ended with the Merengues dancing at Cibeles.

3. Messi going off in tears against Celtic; we all knew it was over immediately.

4. Messi (this answer will be valid for the next decade).

5. Ronaldinho. Let someone else host the telenovella next season. Given that Manchester has had some success with long-running soap operas, the Man City rumours may not be as crazy as they sound.

6. Overall, Cassano against Torino. In the Barca context, there wasn't much to laugh about, but the Flash animation of Laporta playing Truth or Dare and being reduced to his skivvies is rather amusing.

7. Michael Essien.

8. Seydou Keita (who I am terrified will follow in the footsteps of Cristanval, Thuram, Abidal, Henry etc. in being a shadow of his former self; at least Yaya Toure has shown some promise in the second half of the season).

9. Please no more "fashion" colours for the away shirt. And get UEFA to kill the ridiculous rule that requires those huge single colour boxes on the back of the jerseys used in the Champions League (Inter, Milan, Juve and Celtic, among others, should join this campaign).

egan said...

1. How's it been: one to remember, or one to cast from your mind as quickly as possible?

Wednesday: I'll remember it, as it was the first time we've taken four points from derbies in my lifetime. Other than that it was fucking awful, with the worst start in the clubs history and not improving much from there.

TamU: Looks like it could be a season of decline, ructions in the dressing room, managerial changes and old players sitting out their contracts. If they're not careful they could get relegated.

2. The best bit?

Wednesday: Adam Boulder scoring twice at t'lane.

TamU: Nothing yet.

3. The bit you'd rather not talk about?

Wednesday: The board, takeover and politics.

TamU: The awful football so far.

4. Player about whose brilliance you've been most likely to bore your friends and family over the season?

Wednesday: Jermaine Johnson

TamU: Daniel Nwoke

5. Player you're happiest to see linked with improbable transfer speculation to more or less anywhere, so long as they get the hell away from your team?

Wednesday: Most of them.

TamU: Jari Niemi.

6. Funniest thing you've seen this year in football?

Sorry CB, but it has to be John Terry in Moscow.

7. Dream transfer target?

Wednesday: Dominic Chatto

TamU: Dominic Chatto

8. Most likely to actually arrive?

Wednesday: loan players

TamU: No money left, it'll be one in, one out. Or someone from the lower divisions, but certainly no foreigners.

9. Any other business?

TamU's players seem to be determined to get rid of Daniel Nwoke. Last year he wasn't that good after arriving from Malta, but that was at least partially explained by the fact that training was still conducted in Finnish. The coach doesn't speak good English (or even German, despite having played there), and he doesn't like foreign players, so he solved the 'problem' of having a young, English speaking striker by simply ignoring him.

He got games here and there due to injuries and suspensions, but he played very badly. As you can probably imagine. At half time in the Jaro away game, Hjelm blamed his side's performance squarely on Daniel, shouting at Daniel that he was shit, and at club officials that he needed to be sold.

Despite all this, Daniel is still there and plugging away. He's the club's top scorer this season, training is now in English (as there are two more foreigners in the squad now), but he is still being treated very badly by the manager and his team mates. He was dropped when in excellent form, and when he starts it seems like the other players don't make the runs they could or should be doing. It was clearest in the last game against KTP, when Daniel played for the first hour and Jari Niemi came on after that. Suddenly it seemed like a rocket was up everyone's arse, the way they ran around the pitch, chasing bad passes and harassing defenders.

It's not very nice to watch, and I'm starting to turn against TamU this year. Luckily, the fans feel the same way, and there will most likely be protests if this shit continues. Might be an interesting season.

Anonymous said...

1. Much better than expected at the beginning of the season, when everyone said some team up the road would take the 4th CL spot off us.

2. Beating Milan

3. The 9 draws in 11 games in Feb-March, straight after we took a 5 point lead at the top of the league

4. Flamini. Unfortunately.

5. Eboué. He's embarrassing.

6. Cristiano Ronaldo missing that pen, but it may be my memory’s short.

7. David Villa

10. Some fifteen year old no one’s ever heard of, who costs Arsène tuppence ha'penny, becomes world famous over a couple of years and then leaves on a free.

- dV

roswitha said...

1. How's it been: one to remember, or one to cast from your mind as quickly as possible?
One to remember. I hoard bitterness and disappointment.

2. The best bit?
Andrea Pirlo on his good days.

3. The bit you'd rather not talk about?
Ronaldo's tendons snapping.

4. Player about whose brilliance you've been most likely to bore your friends and family over the season?
Andrea Pirlo on his good days.

5. Player you're happiest to see linked with improbable transfer speculation to more or less anywhere, so long as they get the hell away from your team?
I'm going to be really predictable -- Gilardino. Go, please, go to Fiorentina and score 30 a season if you must. Just be happy.

6. Funniest thing you've seen this year in football?
Those two banners in the San Siro curve in this last derby.

7. Dream transfer target?
None. Seriously, none. People say Sergio Ramos, and I say, what is Sergio Ramos going to do in a team that plays roughly an order of magnitude slower than he does? Anyone healthy and hardass would be nice. [I've seen Massimo Oddo on his bad days. Mediocrity is nothing to me. Nothing.]

8. Most likely to actually arrive?
I can't. I can't bring myself to say a name that isn't 'Samuel Eto'o.' I can't even bring myself to say 'Samuel Eto'o.' I'm afraid of Ricardo Oliveira.

9. Any other business?
Milan in the UEFA Cup. It ought to be fun.

What about your own list, Spangles?

Luca said...

Forgive the jubilation, but we've just won the Coppa Italia.

1. A brilliant season. For an hour we were winning the league and we've just proved we're better than Inter again tonight. Not only that, but we were the goodies the whole time.

2. Tough call. Either tonight, beating Lazio or the reception for the players at the end of the Man Utd home leg.

3. The injury, it fills my heart with sadness. What if il Capitano doesn't recover.

4. Its been a team effort this season. Mexes has stood out, mostly because Domenech's bitterness over the World Cup has stopped him launching an international career.

5. Mancini, its time for him to go. Bring in Rosina as replacement.

6. The relegation of Leciester City. Was delighted to see Mandaric, who sacked Martin Allen for choosing to sign his own choice of players and Holloway, who redefined hypocrasy go down.

7. Rosina or Mutu to replace Mancini or David James in goal!!! I understand that Roma is not a club of great means.

8. No one. Some kid from Bellinzona probably. Or some dodgy Brazilian, maybe we can unearth the new Fabio Junior.

9. As long as we don't sell out to Soros, I'll be happy. We are not a brand.

Anonymous said...

Soros? You serious?

Spangles, we are still waiting for your review - you were right to delay it until after the cup final, though :-)

linfieldexile said...

As a very occasional visitor to here SP, I thought I'd confuse your readers with an insight into the mighty Linfield!

How's it been: one to remember, or one to cast from your mind as quickly as possible?
Very memorable, we secured a treble double, the first time it's been done since 1893!

The best bit?
3-1 in the Santa against Derry City. A 5-2 away win at Portadown, 4-1 away at Coleraine, 4-0 away at Ballymena, all of which I missed. Oh, the cup final (2-1 vs Coleraine) was good fun too, apart from the bit where I kind of burned a guy's jacket with a flare and got threatened.

The bit you'd rather not talk about?
Boxing Day defeat to Glentoran for the first time in 18 years. 2-0 defeat away to St. Pat's in the Setanta. It should have been 10. Our chairman's numerous faux pas in the press.

Player about whose brilliance you've been most likely to bore your friends and family over the season?
Michael Gault. The white N. Irish Vieira. His performances won him an international call-up. If he could pass and shoot properly he'd shine in the Championship.

Player you're happiest to see linked with improbable transfer speculation to more or less anywhere, so long as they get the hell away from your team?
Damian Curran. A pointless player.

Funniest thing you've seen this year in football?
Not football, but this basketball player interview was class:

Dream transfer target?
Mark Quigley or Keith Fahey from St. Pat's, or Jason Gavin of Drogheda.

Most likely to actually arrive?
We've already signed two chumps, with more on the way. Very worrying.

Any other business?
A man whose team has won league and cup three times on the trot should be a happy one. But our amateurish contract/transfer policy and poor signings, along with our manager's over-reliance on a 39 and 38 year-old make me fear for the future.

Chelsea Boy said...

1. One to remember - Mourinho 'came to a mutual agreement' which involved him getting the heave-ho, the turmoil we looked to be in, the laughs everyone was having at our expense, only for us to turn it around and run United to the last day of the season and even without all that, the simple fact that my club got to the European Cup final and I was there was something I'll always remember.

2. Giving those Liverpool twats a bloody good going over in the aforementioned competition. It was a brilliant match, a brilliant atmosphere and it made me do a little bit of wee in excitement.

3. The Carling Cup Final shall be stricken from the record. A horrible day from start to finish.

4. Hmmm, injuries and the ACN has made this a bit of a hard one to answer. We've had lots of good performers but spread out over the course of the year. Special mentions should go to Joe Cole, Ricardo Carvalho and Michael Ballack, the latter of who really turned it on at the last couple of months.

5. Claudio Pizarro, Florent Malouda, Tal Ben Haim. Nice work last summer Mr Mourinho.

6. Funny thigns don't happen in Premier League football, it's all very, very serious.

7. That bloke from Lyon - Benzema I think his name is. Him and Anelka would be bloody good.

8. Someone I've never heard of from the Eastern bloc.

9. Could we have Mark Hughes as manager now please?

Albert Herring said...

1. Stupendously memorable, apart from the first 45.75 league games or so. Which I have blanked from my mind. Anyway, we promoted, and little things like being hammered by Swindon and Gillingham don't matter in the greater scheme of things. The winning run in April and May was quite nice, but all seemed a bit futile at the time.
2. The bit of the final game after Cheltenham went ahead at Donny for the second time.
3. Losing at home to Leeds in the second game of the season, while not actually playing anything like as badly as we later showed ourselves to be capable of.
4. Kelvin Wilson
5. Grant Holt. And as they go, he went. Not too faffed about Commons either.
6. I only saw it on the radio but wish I had been there: Keith Haslam getting his comeuppance at the last Mansfield home game of the season.
7. Realistically, Freddie Eastwood. Unrealistically, oh, Kakà will do. Surrealistically, Marcel Duchamp.
8. Freddie Eastwood. Who will play half the season at right back before being given to Peterborough for tuppence.
9. Plaudits for the sportsmanship of Hatefigure Megson's Leicester City in giving us back the goal lead from the abandoned league cup game, and for then getting satisfyingly relegated like most other clubs in the East Mids.

martinobhoy said...

Sorry haven't been on for a while so hope I'm not too late for this. Plus our season has just finished anyway.


1. Definitely one to remember. A 3rd successive title for the first time since Jock Stein's glory days.

2. Apart from winning the league, beating Milan at Celtic Park in the Champions League or scoring the winner deep into injury time against Rangers in April.

3. Losing Tommy Burns.

4. Aiden McGeady.

5. Derek Riordan, waste of a talent. Thomas Gravesen to free up the wages.

6. Rangers saying that they would never ask for an extension to the season then complaining when they got one that it didn't go far enough.

7. Dream as in no way will it happen - Luca Toni.

8. Probably another Polish player to try to keep Artur Boruc happy.

9. If Artur has a good Euro 2008 we may stuggle to hold on to him.

mattcr said...

a bit late, but here we are
(for norwich city)

How's it been? Mostly pretty awful. utterly abject at the start, we were soon anchored to the bottom of the league before some astute loan signings got us out of trouble, though we nearly fell back into the plop at the end

The best bit? the run that got us out of the mire. and in particular, taking the lead at apalace. i don't think i've ever seen us take the lead away before, (i've also barely seen us score away before)

The bit you'd rather not talk about? julien brellier. we all thought he might be a sort of roy keane of the championship, but it turned out the only keane like thing he was any good at was getting himself sent off

Player about whose brilliance you've been most likely to bore your friends and family over the season? Ched Evans probably, though he isn't actually our player.

Player you're happiest to see linked with improbable transfer speculation to more or less anywhere, so long as they get the hell away from your team? nobody really. glenn roeder has already got rid of most of the rubbish, though this has left us with about 3 players.

Funniest thing you've seen this year in football? john terry/the return of kevin keegan/the manner in which arsenal went out of europe

Dream transfer target? ched evans. or darren huckerby

Most likely to actually arrive? half the chelsea youth squad on loan

Any other business? we're really going to regret selling joe lewis in a year or two. if not already

Zach Dundas said...

End of season? What end of season? Here in Portland, we've barely begun. We rattled off a bunch of victories in the early going, but now seem to have stalled. We have the big away game against Montreal tomorrow night—we seem to have a way of winning up there, somehow, and a win would put us second or third in the table. So far, not bad.

Richard said...

Cardiff City:

1. A great season, obviously - the best since the club played in the top flight in the 60s, and possibly since the glory years of the 20s.

2. Hmm, let's see. Reaching the FA Cup final

3. Defeat at Ashton Gate to a title-chasing Wurzel side

4. Aaron Ramsey. He's the Welsh Cesc Fabregas, and we've never even played him in his proper position yet

5. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink - so immobile, you wonder why he believes he's still capable of playing football

6. Possibly Bernd Schuster's reaction to losing home and away to Roma in the Champions League: 'it was not a defeat'

7. Ched Evans. A striker who's young enough to move around the pitch, and does so to considerable effect

8. Swindon Town full-back Miguel Comminges

9. Fingers crossed for some decent TV coverage of Serie A in the UK next season. And, of course, Forza Roma!

joejoejoe said...

Manchester City
1. How's it been?
Very good. Historic start and top of the table after flirting with relegation last year. And then a slow glide back to reality.

2. The best bit?
Pulling off the double against Man U.

3. The bit you'd rather not talk about?
Our despotic owner.

4. Player about whose brilliance you've been most likely to bore your friends and family over the season?
Martin Petrov. A mature pro on a team that needed one he's such a delight I'll be rooting for Bulgaria to make the World Cup.

5. Player you're happiest to see linked with improbable transfer speculation away?
Nothing tops getting rid of Joey Barton last year. I could live without two or six of our awful strikers.

6. Funniest thing you've seen this year in football?
A) Sven's tongue in cheek specultion on how much Ronaldinho would enjoy playing in the Intertoto Cup if he moved to Man City.

B) City fans chanting "We don't need no Phil Scolari, we don't need no Mourinho, Hey Thaksin, Leave our Sven alone!" to Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall'

7. Dream transfer target?
Franck Ribery

8. Most likely to actually arrive?
Jo, from CSKA Moscow

9. Any other business?
Fire Sven. Sell all the loyal players. Buy a bunch of money chasing losers. Destroy club.