Tuesday, 27 May 2008

End of season review: my verdict

If you haven't told me about your season yet, then please do so, I am waiting to hear from you as are readers in exotic locations like Aarhus, Valencia, Edinburgh, San Francisco and, er, Salford. In particular there are suspects from Fiorentina, Milan, Lazio from whom I should like to hear, so go and answer my questions.It means you also get to share in the joy/suffering of Linfield, Ipswich and Charlton fans whose teams are, I confess, more usually absent from these pages.

Anyway as many readers have reminded me I have not answered this myself yet, so here goes:

1. How's it been: one to remember, or one to cast from your mind as quickly as possible?

well, like, durr.... Very memorable. For a team of our resources to be half an hour from the title, retain the cup, and make it to the quarter-finals of the European Cup for the second year in a row, is a major achievement. And it has been exciting and incident filled, with some great occasions which will I think last long in my memory.

2. The best bit?

doing the double over Real; winning the Cup.

3. The bit you'd rather not talk about?

Livorno. GRRRRR. Actually I'm not that keen to talk about Empoli either. but mostly Livorno.

4. Player about whose brilliance you've been most likely to bore your friends and family over the season?

Vucinic, without a doubt. Partly because everybody already knows about Totti and De Rossi. Honourable mentions for Tonetto and Mexes, both very under-rated.

5. Player you're happiest to see linked with improbable transfer speculation to more or less anywhere, so long as they get the hell away from your team?

Ferrari. And maybe Mancini, who I don't loathe or anything but will be perfectly happy to see the back of. Oh, and Esposito: someone put the poor chap out of his misery, he must be having an awful time. Send him to Napoli for chrissake.

6. Funniest thing you've seen this year in football?

Aside from the one-man comedy store that is Antonio Cassano, and the Zamparini saga, it has to be Cristiano Ronaldo and his penalty missing antics. Other crucial missed penalties are Officially Not Funny. I know my duty.

7. Dream transfer target?

a strong, fast striker who's good in the air. Drogba, if he didn't fall over so much.

8. Most likely to actually arrive?

more full-backs, since we seem to accumulate them like dust under the bed.

9. Any other business?

The Soros thing... it needs a post of its own really but I shall just say here: I really really really really really don't want an American buying the club (or indeed any outsider). Soros is still a much much better bet than the Emirates royal family, who are also apparently interested.

Buying the second half of Vucinic will use a substantial chunk of our summer budget, unfortunately (we currently only have half of him, his left leg and right arm together with one kidney and his pancreas still belong to Lecce. I am willing to donate a kidney of my own if this will help any).

The season has been kind of long and tiring, I am not actually displeased to have a bit of a breather now.


chris c paul said...

An Everton fan, previously of south america and london, now of south wales-
1.It has been a great season- we finished 5th and were in 4th spot for ages, even if we finished 5th we can still take the moral high ground having 'spent less on the team' etc. Spurs and Portsmouth coming through to win the cups, with lots of shocks along the way, made my season. The Champions' League had its moments too.

2)The best bit? Everton coming back to beat Metalist Karkov. Seriously. That was thrilling. Second Leg Chelsea Liverpool was good too.
3 etc) Um, none really.

All our squad performed up to and often beyond expectaations, execpt Fernandes, but he was trying.

Dream transfer target? David Bentley would be nice.
Most likely to actually arrive? No tengo idea.

ginkers said...

1. I'd have to say it was a pretty great season for the Viola. Italy's last team standing in Europe and pipping Milan for the final Champs League spot.

2. Probably Adrian Mutu's free-kick away to PSV Eindhoven.

3. Rangers. Enough said.

4. Riccardo Montolivo. I reckon he could be a star of the national team for years to come. Sadly, Donadoni does not agree yet and just axed him from his squad.

5. Bobo Vieri. That penalty against Rangers undid any good work he had previously done.

6. Rangers actually having to speed up their play and attack when they went behind to Zenit.

7. Return of Luca Toni or Lionel Messi in a swap for Semioli.

8. Alberto Gilardino. If Prandelli can do his magic, he could be a great signing.

9. Got very emotional watching the game after the death of Manuela, Cesare Prandelli's wife. I think Italians do that kind of tribute very well.

ursus arctos said...

Bravo Ginkers.

I agree with every word of that.

And Gila is now officially Viola; he's agreed to a salary that is half of what he was getting for Milan.

If they can only get Vargas (sorry, Spangles) and Jovetic . . .

TrentToffee said...

...continuing the Toffee's theme (we're taking over ;0) )

1. Terrific. Last 8 of the UEFA cup and qualifying for it again next season.

2. Reaching the last 8 of the UEFA cup. I didn't think we would travel well in Europe. And to be fair, we didn't travel very well to Florence. But we battered them in the 2nd leg. Went out on penalties. No tears :0)

3. Losing to Liverpool at Goodison after a blatent penalty wasn't awarded.

4. Phil Jagielka has proved to be an exceptional buy. Another of Moyes's gems (to offset some of his stinkers).

5. Can't think of any. Although I'm glad to see Lee Carsley moving on. His time is done.

6. Everytime LFC go down in flames. Great club you know. C*nts.

7. Elano Elano Elano...

8. No idea. Someone to compliment Arteta I hope.

9. Looking forward to watching a great - hopefully - Euro08 copetition. Couldn't give a stuff that England aren't there. At least we won't have to listen to some goverment spun claptrap - "these are not real football fans" after English hoolies have torn the place up. Let's hope the Russkies and Poles don't choose to fill that void.

Oh, and, nice to see Genoa secure mid-table security on their first season back. That'll do.