Thursday, 8 May 2008

Coppa Italia semifinal: Catania 1 - 1 Roma, Roma win 2-1 on aggregate

This is going to be a Ronseal post since I have something more exciting to say next. We played pretty well; our goal was a penalty won by Vucinic and scored by Aquilani (De Rossi seems not to want to take them lately, who knows why.....) We then immediately conceded sloppily from a set-piece, and Catania were certainly no walk-over but they never looked like passing the turn.

We will play Inter in the final, again. *rolls eyes* I really wanted a Roma-Lazio final but Lazio have been unremittingly awful in every way since their derby win, I think the whole team mentally went on holiday on 30 March and haven't been seen since. They lost 0-2 last night to set us up with this groundhog day-esque occasion on 24 May, for the first time to be played as a one-off game at a neutral venue, drawn by lot... the Olimpico. Haha.

Now watch them make us go in the Curva Nord out of pure badness.

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